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First Step..


There was a brilliant article in the Evening Standard last night about our insatiable appetite for stuff, it described a worker in a plastics factory in China laughing at the crap products being churned out for the international market..only to see the order tripled the following week.  It’s all around us..look through a Lakeland catalogue and see some brilliant ideas..but also some entirely superfluous ones, designed just because we think we need them..or (because we always have to show progression) over-engineered designs of something that already worked perfectly fine.  But hey, that’s more money for the fat cats economy..particularly when you add in the modern power of build-in-obsolescence..with any luck it’ll break…and we’ll buy it twice!


I’d love to see a move away from vapid accumulation to less is more, quality over substance..and the best changes start at home.  The wardrobe is having it’s first attack today…


All nightwear is heading the way of charity or cut up for rags, leaving just two pairs of pajamas and a dressing gown.

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It’s a start.

Laters, Kate x

It’s a Dirty Job x

For this clip, which I adore, homage and respect must go to Mel Lewis for her recommendation – thank you! It perfectly sums up my life right now.

As a return gift, I give you Michael McIntyre with loft and man drawer explaining the invasive power of stuff which means that George Carlin will be forever relevant…and we can never escape!

Laters, Kate x

Counting Down…

tumblr_mctwtf4WkC1qb67y3 tumblr_lzwqjhp05j1qb67y3 tumblr_m1nrkqKLvL1qb67y3 tumblr_m1nsirofrN1qb67y3These are the photos of what I should look like, instead I’ve reached that peak of frenzied chaos where I’m no longer waving but drowning. It’s completely my own fault – I made the slightly bonkers decision to re-arrange all our furniture under the pretext that we have to fit 16 in for Christmas day but the truth of it?…I just wanted a nice spot for the Christmas tree.  The resulting domino effect has been apocalyptic with all my ancient secret stashes of mess exposed in all their glory..the piano? moved to the dining area where the large wardrobe/hide everything cupboard was…the cupboard? It’s contents exploded throughout the entire house and has been moved to the top floor and is now sitting in a pool of debris waiting to be re-stocked.  The large carpet in the sitting room on which life sat? (the ‘things’ under the coffee table? the bits down sides? the paper monsters that breed on their own?) moved to our bedroom.. to go under bedside cabinets/ the chaise/little tables all full of hibernating stuff – and do you know what lies beneath our bed? I do now and it’s not a pretty…and has been filling our bathroom for the last 2 days…

Somewhere under the layers of boxes, bags, files and papers I have presents waiting to be wrapped, cards to be sent, decorations to be put up…the children broke up from school yesterday..and for the last 4 days? Playdates every single day…my parents are living with us whilst their house is re-built….the cupboards are bare, the supermarkets are heaving and I just want to find a nice black hole to climb into…

Say a little prayer for me to the God of sanity..it’s either that or alcohol..and any more and I’ll be permanently pickled…

Laters, Kate x