First Step..


There was a brilliant article in the Evening Standard last night about our insatiable appetite for stuff, it described a worker in a plastics factory in China laughing at the crap products being churned out for the international market..only to see the order tripled the following week.  It’s all around us..look through a Lakeland catalogue and see some brilliant ideas..but also some entirely superfluous ones, designed just because we think we need them..or (because we always have to show progression) over-engineered designs of something that already worked perfectly fine.  But hey, that’s more money for the fat cats economy..particularly when you add in the modern power of build-in-obsolescence..with any luck it’ll break…and we’ll buy it twice!


I’d love to see a move away from vapid accumulation to less is more, quality over substance..and the best changes start at home.  The wardrobe is having it’s first attack today…


All nightwear is heading the way of charity or cut up for rags, leaving just two pairs of pajamas and a dressing gown.

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It’s a start.

Laters, Kate x


  1. Ruth

    If we bought no more than one each of these lovely pjays and wore them during the day, as they’re so lovely, would we be frugal and good?

  2. abbiosbiston

    Yesterday Mr O and I did a clear out and got rid of 5 bags (including the bags) of charity donations, 2 bags of recycling and 3 bags of straight up junk… all of which we managed to accumulate in only 2 YEARS! I abhor clutter but he has a bit of a hoarding gene so we have to schedule strict “throw it all away” times.