Counting Down…

tumblr_mctwtf4WkC1qb67y3 tumblr_lzwqjhp05j1qb67y3 tumblr_m1nrkqKLvL1qb67y3 tumblr_m1nsirofrN1qb67y3These are the photos of what I should look like, instead I’ve reached that peak of frenzied chaos where I’m no longer waving but drowning. It’s completely my own fault – I made the slightly bonkers decision to re-arrange all our furniture under the pretext that we have to fit 16 in for Christmas day but the truth of it?…I just wanted a nice spot for the Christmas tree.  The resulting domino effect has been apocalyptic with all my ancient secret stashes of mess exposed in all their glory..the piano? moved to the dining area where the large wardrobe/hide everything cupboard was…the cupboard? It’s contents exploded throughout the entire house and has been moved to the top floor and is now sitting in a pool of debris waiting to be re-stocked.  The large carpet in the sitting room on which life sat? (the ‘things’ under the coffee table? the bits down sides? the paper monsters that breed on their own?) moved to our bedroom.. to go under bedside cabinets/ the chaise/little tables all full of hibernating stuff – and do you know what lies beneath our bed? I do now and it’s not a pretty…and has been filling our bathroom for the last 2 days…

Somewhere under the layers of boxes, bags, files and papers I have presents waiting to be wrapped, cards to be sent, decorations to be put up…the children broke up from school yesterday..and for the last 4 days? Playdates every single day…my parents are living with us whilst their house is re-built….the cupboards are bare, the supermarkets are heaving and I just want to find a nice black hole to climb into…

Say a little prayer for me to the God of’s either that or alcohol..and any more and I’ll be permanently pickled…

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    Of course, I’ll say a little prayer for you, especially as a huge thank you for posting such fab pictures (once again, Sarah Jessica Parker / Carrie Bradshaw is my favorite fashion icon ever !), which somehow enlighten the chaos that your home has become ! Take a deep breath, everything will be OK ! xxxxx

  2. vintageattitude

    I can say whatever I like as you haven’t got time to read this anyway!!!…..I am feeling smug as my son is hosting Christmas this year!…what a treat. No food shopping nightmares for me this year. I am spending the build up to Xmas lounging on the chaise long with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a cheroot in the other!,,,now where’s that DVD? It’s a Wonderful Life……isn’t it?…xx Very Merry Christmas to you and yours xx

  3. evelenmargaret

    I’ll say a prayer for you ! Take it easy, I did similar things in the past when the girls were younger and Christmas was a big family event.
    Believe me the years fly quickly and at some point you are going to think of it with a smile on your face.
    But I’m happy now as well, things are more relaxed and simply different but equaly festive. xx

  4. A Spoonful of Style

    For what it’s worth here are my tips for coping with house guests/entertaining when you feel like you’re drowning under the never ending to-do list. 1. Delegate – get the kids to peel carrots, hoover etc. It may not be perfect but at least it will be done. 2. Gather up all the bits and bobs lying around and put them in a big box to stash in the garage/loft/corner of the bedroom. In the new year you can go through it and find homes for the things you want to keep. 3. Buy lots and lots of fairy lights and dim the lights – no one will notice the mess under the sofa! And most importantly keep breathing! xxxx

  5. laurenkahan

    Is it bad that I have a “misery loves company” smile on my face? Yes? Sorry :{ There’s nothing like having 16 people over to your house to make you kick it into high gear and just get that *&$% done, and then you will sit back and enjoy your beautifully redecorated (I feel like it’s redecorated when I rearrange) home. WAIT! Please tell me you’re keeping the furniture like that after the tree goes? Or…just continually buying more trees til next year 😉 In any case, I’ll raise MY glass of wine to you tonight and send productive thoughts!

  6. Laura Lynn

    If anyone can do it, it’s you! My secret is to ask my girlfriends and sister and Mom for help. Funny, I have guy friends but I don’t ask them…anywho, a word in the right place, a bowl of eggnog, some music turned up WAY too loud and things have a way of gettin put right. Some of my most fun days have been spent cleaning the house, getting ready for guests. Chin up!

  7. dievca

    Good Luck – be efficient, find other hiding spots and remember the Holiday is about family/Friends and they will love you even though “things” might not be perfect. XO

  8. mrsugarbears

    YOu are adorable. I am going through something very similar. My husband has also decided to do some renovations while I try my best to hold my sanity. Merry Christmas!

  9. redlipstickmama

    Good luck dear! I hear you. I tried to book a work meeting for next Wednesday and has been reminded it was Christmas Day…that’s how completely lost I am.seriously I only have a 2 bedroom apt so it should not take that long to clear out the junk so I can actually open the online orders boxes and wrap the freaking presents. Of course I am just in denial…Meanwhile my toddlers think I am packing my stuff and am moving out without them, something I have regularly threatened them with in the last month or so . Big hugs xo

  10. pernillelunde

    Oh my… Little prayer has been said and I seriously wish you the best of luck. You are a brave woman to take on this rearranging project NOW!!! I have faith however, little by little everything will be de cluttered and find its rightful place. Deep breaths and perhaps some chanting and I’m sure everything will be just fine xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Oh no! Hope you have both recovered..and recovered some time..there is nothing worse than that feeling of a monkey on your shoulder trying to get through an impossible list, my tip – give up and rely on alcohol! xxxxxx