I Dig Kate!


Call me ignorant, but I had no idea that Kate Spade did stationery..possibly because it’s only just come to the UK –  Quilllondon.com have started selling them (just so you know – they haven’t asked me to write this! I just love it!) It’s fab…utterly charming, witty..and I want some! The prices are not silly for a bit of designer magic – from £20 – £28 – which makes them the ideal gift..now it’s just a matter of choosing.  And that is NOT easy!


This box sorts out all your cards so they’re no longer lying cluttered in a drawer…heaven!



There’s a similar box with ‘enclosure’ cards inside to add the personal touch to presents…j’adore!

kate-spade-gold-bow-push-pins-1 kate-spade-gold-bow-paperclips-1

Designer drawing pins or paper clips anyone?!


And the notebooks…divine! This one..Eat cake for breakfast..

kate-spade-penny-for-your-thoughts-journal-2_1 kate-spade-leave-to-the-imagination-journal-3_1 kate-spade-escape-the-ordinary-journal-1_1

When’s Christmas??

Laters, Kate x


  1. tresjade

    I didn’t know that Kate Spade did stationary either, thanks for sharing this. Now that I see it, I need to go get some (especially the eat cake for breakfast notebook)!

    x Jade


  2. Fashion Mayann

    Divine indeed ! I’m so addicted to stationery (I miss going to Paperchase in London !) that I should have the pink “Eat cake for breakfast” notebook ! Happy International Women’s Day ! xxxxx

  3. jordansky26

    I’m now just obsessed as you. I know someone who would die over these. By the way thanks for visiting Aphrodite+Kidd’s Closet

  4. thechicbrownchick

    Hello! Kate Spade stationary has been in the US and as soon as my local little boutique started selling it I immediately made a wishlist! I love the little bows, they are adorable yet so sophisticated at the same time 🙂

  5. thomasbenjamincooper

    Kate this website is perfect. Great place to buy some friends some presents for upcoming birthdays. I was a sucker for stationary back in education. I never liked using any of it because I when I did, I would end up buying more. It was a vicious circle!!


    • Maison Bentley Style

      It’s a great website to have up ones sleeve..excellent for that tricky person you need a present for! I think I will always be a suck for stationery..it must be something in the genes! xxx

  6. jackiemallon

    Charming. I’ll be passing the store tomorrow and you’ve inspired me to drop in, get a nosey at these little treats. There’s something wicked about enclosing all your secret thoughts–not always very sweet–in a sugar pink notebook that says Eat Cake For Breakfast on the cover. It’s almost perverse! x

  7. lidsamy

    I love it! I am a Kate Spade and stationary addict. I love the rubber stamp the best. I would use those on the cards themselves, I used stationary instead of individual Birthday and anniversary cards, etc.

  8. Jess A

    I love Kate Spade!! I recently got their correspondence cards and sent them to a bunch of people. It felt luxurious and glam to write on – I really am a fan of this stuff!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Did you use a proper fountain pen?? I remember we had a craze at school for all the different coloured inks…must start that one up again! Except fountain pens seem out of fashion..something wrong about that too…I’ll add it to the revolution manifesto.. xxxx

  9. dievca

    Lovely! I knew, but I don’t have a great deal of room. I prefer Kate’s Mittens: Yellow with “Taxi”, Red with “Hi – 5” on them. XO

  10. ~Style Lynx

    I have a pair of Kate Spade earrings. I love this stationary! Did you do something new to your blog site? It looks nice!

  11. Cortneybre

    Well, as I like to think of Kate Spade as my “sister by another mister”, I’m utterly delighted by this post! She has some stationary out in the States but I’ve never seen these wonderful little bits – majorly obsessing over the bow push pins. The great thing about her stationary or any of her printed material is that you can re-purpose it too; I bought a planner last year that was filled with the most wonderful KS images and I made it into a laminated paper clutch thingy (which looks much cuter than it sounds). Great post! Xx Cortneybre…

  12. PRYMAL

    I had been tempted to buy this Kate Spade -cute to the max- stationery line. Now definitely will! Starting with the awesome stamper and the card boxes.
    Thanks for this great article! Xo

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I want the stamper too!! I decided that the card box would look pretty..but wouldn’t hold enough (!) so I’ve up-cycled an old file box..et voila! not as pretty..but I think I can justify that stamper now! xxx