The Runs..and an update x



I’m running the GSK Orange United Run 5k today at Dorney Lake where the Olympic rowing events were held.  They don’t know it yet but the Husband, Bella and Charlie are running the 2.5k..hehe.  This is the acknowledgement of keeping the fitness training up since January…except I’m not on my best form..had a migraine yesterday, all much better today but the halos of the remains are sill hovering around the edges and it’s a hot day with mucho sunshine…lots of water and dark glasses me thinks.  To top it off we have a big party tonight I’ve been so looking forward rest for the wicked hey so fingers crossed..and thank God this run’s sponsored by a drugs company…



The beautiful setting at Dorney Lake where Eton have their rowing club..the view from the club house.  The clouds were starting to roll in..



Pre-start nerves..


Slightly disconcerting to see this on the floor of the portaloos….I suppose it could’ve been worse…



Are we ready?IMG_1043


Go! The husband being beaten by a sleeping child..



Damn! Pipped to the post by a Dame! Although I got the style points for running in a denim jacket (didn’t have time to take it off..but don’t tell anyone) (and the truth is I even got beaten by a labrador) But despite the heavens opening on us about halfway round, it was a fab family day for which Fairy (in photo above) get full points for organising… it’s not often you can say you ran in a Race with a double olympic gold medalist!





Now where’s the Doctor before I hobble to my party??


Laters, Kate x