Cool Running..


 I look at this kitchen and my heart lights up.  Then I think: Where’s the fridge?


 Arrrr ok. Pure Love.  But how big actually is it? Not that I’ve developed a thing about fridges, except I have.  It’s one of the reasons we’re re-doing our kitchen..the fridge is too small.  So now I’m obsessed by them…


And it really doesn’t help when I find Companies like this – The Vintage Fridge Company, dedicated to unearthing relics of the past and smoothly integrating them into a modern-day antique heirloom, proud to take their place in any room.  I remember my Grandparent’s house in Greece having an ‘icebox’ at the back – and it worked, even in those high temperatures though milk was still a luxury and tinned carnation milk was always the order of the day – it gave the tea a unique, memorable flavour.  But that old icebox would be the sort of thing these guys would take on, except after their magic, milk wouldn’t be a problem.


Spot the fridge..


Or this one..part of the perfect island unit..


If you have to have something functional, why not make it count for something?


The perfect trade-off between practicality and beauty..


They also offer the option of taking a modern fridge and cladding it in old..

Meneghini La Cambusa Grey sq

Or if utterly modern is your thing check out he Formula one beauties that are the Meneghini beasts..

Meneghini La Cambusa Grey sq inside meneghini frig la ghiachia_1

This is the version Nigella Lawson has.  Sigh.

Sadly all these options  – the reconditioned vintage and the new – cost from £7000 upwards to £16400 plus…So whilst it’s good to know the humble fridge can be more than defiantly average, I will just have to dream I have the budget to indulge..until then, I’l start doing the Lottery.  Again. And put on my thinking cap…

Laters, Kate x

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  1. KerryCan

    This is exactly the reason I tend not to look at decorating magazines, sites, and Pinterest! I am better off not knowing what’s out there that I think is cool but would NEVER spend the money on!

  2. lifeaswewearit

    i love the herb ‘garden’ in the centre island bench. form, function, organically beautiful, it’s everything! Less excited about spending $30000 on a fridge though.

    • Alison Pentland

      Crazy cool, except for that whole heads on the wall and Macbethian dripping wax one. We are building a entire house inspired by the Gamble House. It’s been difficult to marry modern and arts and crafts, we’ve opted to panel in both the fridge and dishwasher.