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Centre Half: Scarf


Friday marks midsummer.  Try telling that to the clouds, the rain, the wind and the temperature.  It’s the pay back and karma for last summer.  But it still hurts.  Maybe that’s why I’m loving the colour, the fluidity and the fun of men wearing silk scarves.

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It just brightens the day.

Laters, Kate x

Silken Favours x



Victoria Murdoch is the independent, free-thinking spirit and designer behind the label Silken Favours, creating her own silk pieces from traditional pen & ink techniques.


Based in London and originally working everything by hand, she’s managed to combined her nostalgic sense of magic with fast, modern digital printing techniques to produce commercially priced work with that personal touch.

ss12silk724000099-assorted_copy bugs_and_beasties_cushion


Humour with a delicateness  to make you smile and lust.

cyril Airdale_Front


Clever designs that speak to the heart with a shift in every mood and a requisite fair and lightness.

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Sort of cute but still sly making it all so appealing..and endearing.

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Silk is her canvas, but this is just the start – there’s more to come like insanely printed silk shirts. Imagine!


I can’t wait.

Laters, Kate x