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Summer holidays: Pine cones, roses, lazy days, lemon sherberts, tottering piles of books, picnics, Victoria sponge cake, tartan rugs, muddy wellingtons,  damp anoraks, salads, less but more, pots of tea, lashings of ginger beer, board games, walking, running, caring, but not caring, watching, listening, breathing. All summed up in this tiny cottage in Scotland that says come to me with it’s open arms of nostalgia and the warm embrace of simpler times.


(All pics House and Garden and Pinterest)

This is the joy of summer.

Laters, Kate x

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Elegant Edinburgh..


For the last four days we’ve been visiting the glorious City of Edinburgh, oozing with life and culture and it’s row upon row of gorgeous Georgian architecture…we stayed in a flat on the top floor of this row..complete with 64 steps up..


But worth it for the view right out to the Firth of Forth.  Situated in a little road at the end of Princes Street, it’s hard to believe this is the middle of a capital city..another of Edinburgh’s many charms..


We were up there for family celebrations which took place in Edinburgh Zoo….


My Uncle Jake (now based in California..the shirt is the give away) was celebrating his 75 birthday, along with his 25 wedding anniversary and the fiftieth wedding anniversary of his best friend..


 My father, our Scottish connection and proud of it.



It gave a chance for Bella and Charlie to meet the scottish cousins (I doubt Charlie will ever live this photo down..forever immortalised..)


Who got on like a house on fire..


And danced the night away!


After the party we had a chance to explore the City..


And Charlie was thrilled that he got a chance to finally try zorbing..


And talk to a stormtrooper in a kilt..




A beautiful, beautiful city..we’ll be back..

Laters, Kate x