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Elegant Edinburgh..


For the last four days we’ve been visiting the glorious City of Edinburgh, oozing with life and culture and it’s row upon row of gorgeous Georgian architecture…we stayed in a flat on the top floor of this row..complete with 64 steps up..


But worth it for the view right out to the Firth of Forth.  Situated in a little road at the end of Princes Street, it’s hard to believe this is the middle of a capital city..another of Edinburgh’s many charms..


We were up there for family celebrations which took place in Edinburgh Zoo….


My Uncle Jake (now based in California..the shirt is the give away) was celebrating his 75 birthday, along with his 25 wedding anniversary and the fiftieth wedding anniversary of his best friend..


 My father, our Scottish connection and proud of it.



It gave a chance for Bella and Charlie to meet the scottish cousins (I doubt Charlie will ever live this photo down..forever immortalised..)


Who got on like a house on fire..


And danced the night away!


After the party we had a chance to explore the City..


And Charlie was thrilled that he got a chance to finally try zorbing..


And talk to a stormtrooper in a kilt..




A beautiful, beautiful city..we’ll be back..

Laters, Kate x

Trip to the V&A..

It’s been the Easter holidays which can easily feel like tumbleweed…to inject some excitement we all went en famille to the Victoria and Albert museum which just so happens to be one of my most bestest, favourite, most edible places in the world..

IMG_1760Welcome to London.

IMG_1759 IMG_1757 Amazing glass chandelier.  The queues were for the Bowie Exhibition.  Not for us sadly.IMG_1727 The building is a gem.  Incredible floors.IMG_1726 IMG_1755Lots of marble.  Have I said how much I like marble?IMG_1730 Instead of Bowie we got these – special backpacks for children – all free – that take you on an adventure…this time we chose China..IMG_1724 The kids get a map to follow, an instruction book and different tasks to complete all beautifully set up in little separate bags inside the back pack.IMG_1735 IMG_1725 They were happy.  I was happy…When Anna and I can generate enough interest to be able to dye fabric to our own specifications we will be coming here for colour inspiration..and design.IMG_1734 Loved this print.

IMG_1729 This a water dropper in the shape of a squirrel from 1662!IMG_1733The repetition of the print without obvious repetition.IMG_1754 Stunning Mughul dress.IMG_1753 IMG_1752IMG_1751 If I could choose a paper weight…those flecks of green..IMG_1732 isn’t she fabulous? That expression..those colours..IMG_1780 IMG_1731 IMG_1746 This is the courtyard in the centre where there are places to sit, get coffee – or paddle in the pool in the middle.  Seriously.IMG_1743 IMG_1741Inside the Cafe – not my greatest photo, but you can just make out how incredible the wallpaper is.  This cafe was the first museum restaurant in the world and was intended as a showpiece for modern design, craftsmanship and manufacturing.  It is sublime.

IMG_1740 The ceiling..I die.IMG_1739 IMG_1738
IMG_1737 IMG_1736 IMG_0868 IMG_0870 IMG_0871 IMG_0873It is one of the most beautiful places to have a latte in London..IMG_1750The shop, though busy, is pretty awesome too…they have some super cool children’s toys..the above come as flat packed cardboard.

IMG_1749And this dollhouse..
IMG_1748Check out this downstairs room! I really think it was meant for me…

Laters, Kate x