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The Underworld x


As the kitchen has been progressing, so has the cellar..the bookcases are finished and the faux fireplace/black-box-storage-facility now has fancy detailing..


(We bought these terracotta plaques nearly fifteen years ago on a very memorable trip to Sicily involving climbing volcanos, exploding boats and great friends)


They’ve been waiting all this time for the perfect place to shine…and now they will forever make me smile.


The carpentry on all the storage cupboards is also complete.


And the stairs are done – it just all needs a lick of paint now…and will be the next room to be decorated.  Time to re-cap on the inspiration shots..and start buying paint samples.


Not long…

Laters, Kate x

The Kitchen’s Arrived!


And all hail the Gods of colour…it’s a lovely dark….GREY! Not a hint of brown in sight…


Phew. Phew. Phew.


And it looks pretty dramatic against the white…


Now it’s the simple matter of getting it all fitted…


Plus some of the other little extras I’ve been waiting for.  New coat hooks?!

Laters, Kate x

Ceilings x


Probably the coldest morning of the winter today – the perfect conditions for clearing the garden of Molly’s now solid brown presents. Makes me wonder if someone has invented a poo-freezer yet…no! not somewhere to store her daily offerings! but something Ghostbuster-like to make the job even slightly more fun..a bit like the paint I tried on the ceiling this weekend.  I hate painting ceilings..but there’s more of a twinkle if it’s an ever-so subtle shade of bubble gum pink..


What do you think? A design step too far??


Good job it turns white after an hour…hehe!


In principal it’s a great idea..but does make you realise how hard/long it takes to paint cornice properly..

Laters, Kate x

House update..


It’s becoming like Christmas here with something new every day…another major part of the build – the floor – is going down…


It’s ticking all the boxes…the choice had again been a step away from the norm as I’d asked them for as many knots/character/colour variations as possible..basically a posh design that feels rustic.


The transformation is taking a bit of getting used to – after staring at it (for what was probably hours) I gingerly tried to balance my way round the unfinished edge to get to the stairs. ‘It’s a floor!’ The builders said, ‘Walk on it!’

Except I can’t!..

(Don’t think it will stop the kids though…)

Laters, Kate x