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A Progress Report: Blue Notes..


Things are changing daily..the lights: wall lights/pendants/milk churns are all up (I think they deserve a separate post..)


But here’s a sneak peak: This pic was taken last week..much has changed since then..but more later..


Down below in the underworld is where decisions are still taking place: The DVD-storage-provider-fireplace now has it’s hinged camouflage grill in place, completing the look..I LOVE it.


The TV needs to be mounted so the wall needed to be painted…and so the polymorphing paint trials started again.  Sigh. The aim was for dark blue with grey undertones to link in with a big rug coming in.  A blue shouldn’t be a hard colour to find, I thought – classic, straight forward..simple. The sample on the wall looked great – dark, velvety, petroly even – perfect!…except when I painted it on the fireplace wall…it was green. OH.NO.NOT.AGAIN (Yet look at the picture…blue…) but honest to God it was a dark, Victorian green…and looked OK..just not…right – too harsh – too green (I think colours are harder to nail when it’s a room with no natural light, but I am starting to wonder if colour blindness can be brought on by renovations and old age..) Arggghhhhhhhh!


So it was back to inspiration pics..

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Back to the rug..


Back to the DIY shop…with the decision that if paint could change, then the exploitation of it should be a controlled decision.  I went determined for a smokey blue that could almost be grey, but could be mistaken for a bruised lavender. And I went avoiding all the ‘branded’ paint with their promises of perfection, approaching the much cheaper Valspar range with their choice of 2000 colours…knowing to only trust my eye.


The result is a joy: A summer thunderstorm, the mist on a mountain..the light at dusk.


And look how the bare mdf looks in the pics…like the perfect just plastered putty pink! It’s the next colour to track down..that and a complementing grey..

Wish me luck.

Laters, Kate x

The Underworld x


As the kitchen has been progressing, so has the cellar..the bookcases are finished and the faux fireplace/black-box-storage-facility now has fancy detailing..


(We bought these terracotta plaques nearly fifteen years ago on a very memorable trip to Sicily involving climbing volcanos, exploding boats and great friends)


They’ve been waiting all this time for the perfect place to shine…and now they will forever make me smile.


The carpentry on all the storage cupboards is also complete.


And the stairs are done – it just all needs a lick of paint now…and will be the next room to be decorated.  Time to re-cap on the inspiration shots..and start buying paint samples.


Not long…

Laters, Kate x