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Joseph’s Coat x


This is not an April fool, but one of my purchases from the South Bank Classic Carboot…a rather vibrant 80’s number picked up for a pleasing £10.  Some would say there’s a reason it was so cheap..


But I think it has potential for a bit of alteration and a re-dye..I love the collar, the padding, and the shape of the arms..


At the moment I’m thinking dyeing it a midnight navy blue to knock back the yellows to a dark green and the pinks to a purple…here’s hoping..I’ll post the result tomorrow..


Laters, Kate x


Craig Green x


It’s taken a while to track down the designer of this coat..


Not surprising: It’s from an SS15 menswear collection…and is a rather nice – rare? example of an element of power women have in fashion…we have the most choice clothes-wise, nothing is forbidden or taboo..and then, when a talented, new menswear designer does turn up…we snuffle him up as well..


Wise women that we are…


This is all the work of 27 year old Central Saint Martins graduate Craig Green who debuted his first solo runway show in London..where the unthinkable happened..tears and cheers from the notoriously fickle fashion pack..and women running after him waving their gold-plated credit cards..


It’s easy to see the appeal..his work conjures up such contradictions as mesonic and pagan, protective yet vulnerable..layers versus movement..


But I just like it when functional clothes are plundered – fencing uniforms, riding clothes, army uniforms..let’s face it, any uniform..and the fact that it’s padded.  I also revel in the joy that women know exactly what they like, and have no qualms stealing it as their own..


I just wish I had one…

Laters, Kate x