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Ads I love x

Just because…IMG_1779The Bottega Veneta campaign –  I want to wear the clothes, be the girl and always live in sepia shades at magic hour.

IMG_1777IMG_1530The male version. No Ferrari required.

IMG_1776 Saint Laurent.  Edgy elegance.

IMG_1775IMG_1773Miu Mui – The impressionistic colours..the 3/4 length sleeves, the gloves, the boxy silhouette, the composition..the elements in the composition – the expression on her face, that shade of green, the pink of the flowers, the reflection of the horse, the texture of the marble – have I said how much I love marble?

IMG_1774IMG_1781I lust after that jacket.

IMG_1688Lacoste – unconventional chic. It’s a surprise.

IMG_1684Those shoes and that wisteria.

IMG_1691Pre-raphaelite charm.

IMG_1686Sheer joy.

Laters, Kate x