Quaker Style..

Chanel-cross-body-bag-street-style Notice the new style it bags lining the pavements of fashion week?

STYLEBISTROTAYORTOMASIHILLCROSSBODYBAGSTREETSTYLEWHOWHATWEAR1Petite, cross body, slung under jackets? Casual nonchalance at it’s best. But to copy? Hmmm..Just feels too sheeple…and besides, I think there’s a step beyond…

The pictures made me think about the ugliest, most useful bag I have..an old black bumbag that’s proved it’s weight in gold when the kids were tiny and I was in the land of buggies..easy to slip on and off the handles or, when the buggy was parked, clip round waist and have vital use of arms to stop World War Three and wandering toddlers.  And the brucie bonus? I never lost my keys. Or purse. Or baby wipes. Or children..damn it.


But it didn’t exactly have a street edge. So I’ve re-discovered my paints (which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time) and drawn the bag of my dreams..the one I could multitask with everyday life but also take on holiday safe in the knowledge everything was unlosable.

2f80066b1bade6f05b538e84d3e66c24 Except I didn’t need to –  This site: www.hipstersforsisters (the gorgeous picture above and those below are theirs) is dedicated to stylish belt bags.  A far better name don’t you think? They are based in the States but thankfully do International shipping.


Which means it’s now on the top of my Christmas list. Sigh. Particularly as they masquerade as a crossbody and clutch as well.

thumbnail.aspForm and function?  Utter joy!

Laters, Kate x


  1. rubyfoot

    I am grinning in amazement that an ugly bum bag can be transformed into such a desirable accessory with just a couple of simple tweaks. Love it!

  2. vintageattitude

    Nice paint job sister! Saw the worst use of a bum bag this week…..middle aged man wearing it at the front,like an appendage!..to enhance his crotch maybe?….eew! Xx

  3. simplytokyo

    I love love love that leather jacket look with the little chanel bag. Its so simple but so chic…

    • MasonBentley

      Oooooh i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g…I know Mulberry did one years ago that was more oval shape and in stiffer leather so not so much give..but hers would certainly be worth hunting down! x

  4. Dana Fashina

    It’s interesting but I would have thought the belt bag to be more of a summer trend. Seems a bit late to carry it into Winter under all the heavy coats but I may also be looking too much into it 😛

    • MasonBentley

      In England we still can’t get over you calling it a fanny pack..bum is bad enough! I think the poor things have had to suffer some very bad branding..but these are something very different! xxx

  5. Laura Lynn

    Takes the maligned bum bag/fanny pack into a whole ‘ nother direction. Love your design! When can we expect to see them…ooh in a lovely over stitched corduroy with leather accents. Mmmm…me want. In fact I have a silver leather bag that’s a possibility. And a metal belt…hmmm could I repurpose it into something fabulous? Oh boy, I’m off to play…

    • MasonBentley

      Ha! I do remember there was a trend of clipping a fold over bag over a belt..which did mean that when you opened the thing it risked crashing to the floor..but a belt channel or the old fashioned belt loops on the back..actually, thinking out loud, prob worth looking at utility belts for decorators/hunting etc for the utilitarian look. But could it beat leopard with a gold chain??????! xxx

  6. Paula

    You have managed to pain the exact bag that has been in my head for months. I too have been on the search for this! Px

    • MasonBentley

      Ha! Check out the site as I also love their concept – to liberate women from their baggage – so true – in a local and ethically sourced way. Whats not to love?! xxx

  7. ~Style Lynx

    I want that Chanel bag! It would be perfect for so many outfits. I like the print bag too. I’ve been thinking of getting a new purse soon.

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