A walk in the Woods..


Did you have a lovely Christmas? I hope so!


Spot my new baby..yep..a Hipsters for Sisters leopard bag as drooled over here..and I LOVE it! Versatile, accommodating and a true thrill to wear..the belt option is GENIUS…but it’s so easy to wear cross body as well…love, love, LOVE!



One happy bunny!


We spent yesterday taking the Blanket Coat for a walk, enjoying the blue skies (after all our storms) and blowing some cobwebs at Richmond Park..



You’d never guess we were still in London..

IMG_4038 IMG_4065

We played poo sticks (I lost).


Saw a woodpecker..


And stood under a parrot tree! (Not for too long..)


Till the dusk came down and it was time to head home..


To a roaring fire and left-over Christmas pudding…heaven!

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    Heaven indeed ! Every working day, I wear my leopard bag across my body (my Sonia Rykiel piece is bigger than your fabulous Hipsters for Sisters because I carry a lot of stuff !), so I think that your present is perfection, like this gorgeously ethnic coat and this fab purple scarf ! xxxxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      There’s something truly fabulous about a leopard print bag – really goes with everything, I understand your love for your Sonia Rykiel. I’m also sold on the gold chain strap (the clever thing with this bag is when you wear it as a belt bag the chain becomes with belt which is also a joy!..perfect with boyfriend jeans and a pinstriped jacket!) It’s nice to be back..good to have a break..nice to be back! xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Hehe. And I thought poo sticks was an international game! But I suppose, for us, the basis does come from the childhood stories of Winnie the Pooh..You stand on a bridge and drop sticks in..then rush to the other side to see who’s stick appears first! Simple, childish..a joy! xxx

  2. dievca

    Good idea about limiting the time under the Parrot Tree. Do I really want to know what “poo sticks” is? OK, I’ll bite. What is “poo sticks”? My guess is that it is when something unmentionable sticks to your shoes….
    Great blanket coat!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Ha! There’re also deer in Richmond Park (Charlie was convinced they were reindeer) but there was much discussion about the field of deer poo we walked through (city kids? mine? never!) but the truth is much simpler.. xxx

  3. laurenkahan

    Love the bag, but can we talk about that coat??! LOVE! So glad someone else asked about poo sticks 🙂 Wasn’t what I had envisioned (thank GOD!) haha.

  4. fashionassist

    Don’t think there is anything more wonderful in life than a long + stylish walk in the woods…
    in the company of a loving family…
    and even a few parrots..lol…;)
    In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. ~John Muir

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I agree..true contentment is actually very simple. The parrots were amazing – obviously escaped birds – but they were calling to each other to come to this one tree and become a parrot gang! xxx

  5. Amanda

    I was in Richmond park yesterday! Oh! I could have seen you! I was staying at my brothers and we walked to Pembroke Lodge and sat outside with coffee and cookies! Gorgeous winters day!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      NO!! What a small, small world..we stopped for a coffee and vitals too…enormous queue and just got to the front before the hot food ran out! I feel the music of the twlight zone coming on… xxx

  6. jackiemallon

    I can just feel the air biting at the tip of my nose! Glad you explained poo sticks-I was barking up a different tree altogether! Boy, what a cuddlesome coat! x

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Hope the weather in Ireland is keeping you on your toes! The perfect place for a game of poo sticks I would’ve thought?! (And yes – lady with red hanky..mind blowing! you think – no – no – you can’t..and she goes right there!!) xxxxx

  7. Laura Lynn

    What a beautiful photo trip! Especially love the last one…gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as that blanket coat. And I have to say the parrot tree is a puzzler. I’d have thought it too cold for them to survive winters outdoors. I’ve seen flocks of wild parrots in LA but London?
    Sounds like a FAB day! Happy New Year Kate!!!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Every now and then we get the parrots even in our little local common..they do seem to be the same type of parrot – always green – maybe they’re particularly hardy! they’d need to be! xxxxx