Tripping the Light Fantastic x



Sitting here with a hangover from hell..I blame you Miss Fairy! It was her birthday last night…and there was a moment, a sliding doors moment when we were in a lift heading in the right direction away from the roof top bar till she turned to me with a cheeky grin and said, go on..let’s just have one more…personally I think it was less my scintillating company and more the rather handsome gentlemen she’d eyed.  It’s always so much easier to break the ice when you have a married wingman at your side..and my, we work well as a team! Poor man didn’t stand a chance.  Which brings back memories in itself as it was at a birthday party of Fairies all those years ago that I met my husband-to-be – he didn’t stand a chance either…and that’s probably the start of the slippery slope..instead of learning from experience, you revert to youth and all it’s antics.  Until the next day when you feel considerably older than your considerable years…it’ll probably take me a week to recover!


But the good news is he’s asked her out for dinner! Yay!

The bad news is I’ve run out of asprin..

Laters, Kate x


  1. Nancy C. Sampson

    Well, I’ve been there before! Its so much easier to go along with having “one more” when you’ve already had a few and its a special occasion. Hope you feel better soon and your friend has fun on her date!

  2. jackiemallon

    You’re right, nowadays, our hangovers have to be worth it. We can’t just suffer them willy nilly like we used to. They pack too much of a punch. This night sounded worthy of one 🙂