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A Gem x

So here’s the thing – I did a post about brooches a while back. But my love of them shows no signs of abating, instead the need to embellish is growing and multiplying like a sparkling, cabochon mold.

But there’s something else that’s caught my eye, away from the traditional magpie pull of vintage costume jewellery; beautiful handmade and handcrafted brooches, little masterpieces of creation, witty takes and outrageous pieces of inventiveness.

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I love.

Laters, Kate x

Bill Skinner x



What’s a girl to do when faced with such gorgeousness? Possibly write a very large wish list and place it somewhere purposeful and prominent.  With a begging money box on the side.  Classic with a giggle, Bill Skinner has a way of capturing the essence of vintage for the modern wardrobe – this enchanting Butterfly pendant is hand carved and enamelled with even the glass dome hand blown in Kent.  Makes the £90 price tag seem a bargain…


product-bs-nw052-g-257 product-bs-nw052-g-77


Or how about a Kingfisher? (They remind me of all things delicious – dollshouses, Victorian taxidermy..and do you remember those tiny glass bottles filled with beads that passed as fairy dust??)


Bill Skinner learnt his trade with the best: Asprey, Arpels, Garrards and Van Cleef.  Followed by a  polishing of Street from Butler & Wilson and the wonderful Vivienne Westwood.



Influenced by heritage but not stuck in the past his designs always have that touch of fun.


Any Shrek fans?!product-billskinner121019-5853-1 product-billskinner1


Designs of delight and a price point that works..what’s not to love?  Now… where’s that credit card hiding…

Laters, Kate x