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Bill Skinner x



What’s a girl to do when faced with such gorgeousness? Possibly write a very large wish list and place it somewhere purposeful and prominent.  With a begging money box on the side.  Classic with a giggle, Bill Skinner has a way of capturing the essence of vintage for the modern wardrobe – this enchanting Butterfly pendant is hand carved and enamelled with even the glass dome hand blown in Kent.  Makes the £90 price tag seem a bargain…


product-bs-nw052-g-257 product-bs-nw052-g-77


Or how about a Kingfisher? (They remind me of all things delicious – dollshouses, Victorian taxidermy..and do you remember those tiny glass bottles filled with beads that passed as fairy dust??)


Bill Skinner learnt his trade with the best: Asprey, Arpels, Garrards and Van Cleef.  Followed by a  polishing of Street from Butler & Wilson and the wonderful Vivienne Westwood.



Influenced by heritage but not stuck in the past his designs always have that touch of fun.


Any Shrek fans?!product-billskinner121019-5853-1 product-billskinner1


Designs of delight and a price point that works..what’s not to love?  Now… where’s that credit card hiding…

Laters, Kate x

Air & Grace x

IMG_0337 It was two years ago that Claire Burrows first started talking to me about her ideas to create her own shoe label.  She’s always had a thing about shoes and studied at London College of Fashion before going on to create award winning ranges for international footwear brands including Kurt Geiger and Fitflop. With nearly 20 years of experience and insider industry knowledge she has an understanding of footwear that’s second to none.  It’s a joy to hear Claire talk about shoes as her passion just pours out – she thinks about every aspect and no stone is left unturned.  But that doesn’t make it any easier to escape the security of the 9 to 5 and walk down an unknown road..even if you’re wearing the most comfortable shoes ever.. IMG_0332 But the lovely Claire is special, brave and courageous and she’s taken that leap of faith, producing her very first range based on her beliefs and intuitive knowledge: As a woman wearing shoes every day Claire firmly believes that shoes should be as comfortable as they are fashionable. IMG_0325 Air and Grace is Claire’s new baby.  Her first range of shoes are a series of ballerina pumps: Luxurious butter soft leathers, modern feminine designs..but most importantly..sumptuous, clever underfoot cushioning in all the right places so your feet don’t have to suffer the knocks of every day life, even when you do. IMG_0336

With her magic she’s turned the ordinary shoe into gloves for your feet and banned the pain of ‘heel smack’ and ‘ball-of-foot-shock’ forever.

IMG_0330 IMG_0329

I’ve tried them on..and I can honestly say I didn’t want to take them off!

IMG_0327 IMG_0323

IMG_0321 IMG_0320

They really can take the strain out of every day..no matter what life throws at you!!

(And before anyone says ‘congratulations’..this isn’t me!)

Of course this is just the start for Claire – these shoes are literally the first designs hot from the factory – she’s now deep in discussions with buyers and designing an e-commerce site with full social media support, but if you believe like I do that women should support women and that beautiful and practical is a wining combination, please show your appreciation for someone brave enough to set out alone in the big wide commercial world and ‘like’ her Facebook page – every little bit helps.  They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step..but at least for Claire with her Air and Grace shoes her steps will always be in style and comfort! Go Claire!

Laters, Kate x