The Obsession Continues..

0.365x365Navajo Blanket Coats are not the only fruit.  An integral part of Canada’s fashion history is the Hudson Bay Blanket Coat..they hit you right in the imagination..gotta love those pockets..

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As an example of love, craftsmanship, necessity and creative courage they are genius.


Looking through pictures you’ll find each one just a little bit different.


Such a simple idea that still packs a punch. Check out for more historical information.

FXRM8P8A.B 200945812648_1But I likey this tartan blanket coat too with it’s clever use of the fringing.  $T2eC16FHJHgFFmEJFrZfBR7dP+jKSQ~~60_103And that zip-off collar…sigh

Now..where are my scissors……..

Laters, Kate x


    • MasonBentley

      It’s true – it is so simple, the design is so classic..and the colours are so unique! I would love to own one..j’adore on both the men and women.. xxxx

  1. Sherry Smyth

    Oh the Hudson’s Bay standard…not only coats, there are blankets and other goodies. Every Canadian automatically knows what brand it is when we see those stripes!

  2. redlipstickmama

    Love the simplicity but that ‘packs a punch’ as you say!!! The colors range fits men and women and complement blondes, brunettes and red-haired, which is quite a challenge when colors are that vivid. I also have a crush on the stripe high socks in the first pic. Need them for Fall!!!

  3. longandluxe

    The Hudson Bay Blanket coat is new to me (always a joy to learn) and I’m loving it! Out of curiosity since you mention plaids in the end, what do you think of the boxy plaid coats Celine showed for Fall 2013? I wasn’t sure at first but I’m enjoying them with bare legs and leather boots or the crop version with a leather pencil. .. xxx

    • MasonBentley

      They are delicious! Love the boxy shape..I think very flattering because the eye believes there is less below..the white edging..the fact the material works both ways..and it’s such a statement – love love LOVE!! xxxxx

  4. fashionassist

    Just got back from a week away in the Canadian north and on one night, temps were actually cool enough to wear one of these iconic coloured coats…
    great post and strongly feel it needs to be celebrated in its homeland…
    so reblogging now…
    thanks again eh!