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Tis the season…

IMG_3949You know it’s Christmas…

1. When a mince pie becomes an acceptable meal substitute..and egg nog equals a portion of protein.

2. When the inbox sends out it’s own SOS due to spam overload.

3. When you go out to buy a party dress and come back with a fire engine.

4. When you search for your heels and find them in the dressing up.

5 When you find yourself multi-ing the multi-tasking..writing the shopping list on the toilet whilst texting the plumber.

6. When the kids suddenly start acting nice.

7. And as a result they fool you into taking them Christmas shopping and just when your impression of an suppressed, repressed, depressed packing mule has reached it’s limits someone always needs a wee.

8. When the list of things to take to school is representative of an expedition to climb Everest..white plimsoles, black plimsoles, red trousers, red top with tinsel, baked bean tin, bottle of wine, raffle tickets, jar of sweets, tray of cupcakes, nativity dvd return form, another tray of cupcakes, cards for the entire class…winning lottery ticket?

9. When you get undressed at night and you find multiple smiling Father Christmas stickers attached to your bum.

10. When you point out a cloud that looks like a snowman with a funny hat.  To a stranger.

11. When the dvd player stops working because there’s a snow globe inside it.

12. When sorting out the laundry is classed as ‘me time’.

13. When you realise sewing on tinsel to a red top is a nightmare and the red is actually your blood.

14. When you tell yourself that a hangover with children is just not worth it. Again.

15. When you realise a trip to the hairdressers is a spa day.

16. When you realise that amaretto with mulled wine should be classed as an A1 drug.

17. When you walk round the supermarket singing carols. Loudly. And out of tune.

Laters, Kate x