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It was our anniversary a few days ago, in fact it was the first one in eighteen years we’ve ever spent apart – here’s to the next 18 being similarly fortunate. But how to mark it? The best idea seemed to be something that could stand the test of time, age gracefully, be enjoyed by both of us….and was suitably low maintenance: A complete linen bed set is an investment, but for me, it ticks all the special boxes….a bit like my husband…


Laters, Kate x

Soak and Sleep x


I’ve never met a cotton pillow case I didn’t like and ever since The White Company ate up the homewares market there’s been a focaccia bunfight for aspirational linen shops. Soak and Sleep is one such company, offering fabulous bed and bath products for a lot less than on the high street.


Like these linen bedspreads from £20.90. Which means they’re both easy on the eye and there are bargains to be had…except check details…the sandstone is available at £20.90 but want the navy? and the price rises to a steep £129.

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Even so, with the range on offer they’ve got something: Classic designs with an artisan edge combined with lux textures and products you genuinely feel will age with you (..I think that’s a compliment..)

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If you need to buy for a special present/wedding/birthday they’re worth checking out.  If you need to buy for yourself…I’m jealous.


Laters, Kate x

A Stitch in Time..

IMG_0753(one side – flowery with geometric)

Beautiful bed linen lifts me away from the world and gives my soul one more colour.  My most favourite, treasured set came from my Grandmother and I used to sleep in it as a child when we stayed at her beautiful thatched cottage in the country.  Now, even though it is faded and getting worn away, Charlie sleeps in it which is an utter joy because it represents a living link to the past.


(The other side geometric)

But part of the love is not only the nostalgic memories and how soft the sheets are, but the design is just so edible and clever: The pillows, the duvet – even the fitted sheet and the sheet – have the choice of 2 contrasting patterns, one on each side: one flowery, one geometric.  What’s always amazed me is that the sheets are one printed piece of fabric yet when you look you never see the other pattern coming through, even now when they’re decades old.  And the two sides compliment and work together so fantastically allowing endless combinations and configurations. I’ve never found anything like them…until recently.


A Company – The Secret Linen store – has just started offering sheets and duvets that are reversible.  And there’s more..


They’ve used a single off-white warp throughout making every piece feel as though it’s from the same family, so even though each design can have a totally different look, it can all be mix and matched together to create you’re own aesthetic.


And they send out free samples so you can see what you’re getting and check colours..


Also the prices..they’re aiming for great designs and GREAT prices…from £30 for a double duvet? I likey.


But possibly most exciting of all for me (see previous post) THERE’S A SIZE LABEL WOVEN INSIDE!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! At LAST!!!



Maybe I can finally retire my beloved set before it falls to shreds…….and turn it into a quilt so it can continue giving joy and memories for generations to come.

Anyone know a good quilt maker??!



Laters, Kate x

Room Service x

04-26-12 036

How so very very.  Sigh. The fundamental beauty of vintage linen will always have a special place in my heart (particularly anything with a monogram)..skill, design, crisp cotton and stunning needlework all wrapped up in the bliss of sleep…


But some modern bedlinen also has a touch of magic –

and because of it’s expense, it’s something I try and buy in the sales.


One of my favourite shops is Cologne and Cotton, where all these delights came from, they produce the type of quality that make them the heritage items of the future.

PG500_2012 CIR500

(They also managed to persuade me that white is not the only colour)


However, I do have a gripe about bedlinen in general…


Why is it so user unfriendly?


Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if there was a perfect run of say, beige stitches, that marked the top of an eiderdown, duvet cover or fitted sheet? Even a style of stitches..or a ribbon?


So easy then to line up eiderdown and duvet, particularly on doubles..and imagine never having to re-do a fitted sheet again because you put it on wrong the first time?…

So simple, so never done…time for a revolution?!

Laters, Kate x