Soak and Sleep x


I’ve never met a cotton pillow case I didn’t like and ever since The White Company ate up the homewares market there’s been a focaccia bunfight for aspirational linen shops. Soak and Sleep is one such company, offering fabulous bed and bath products for a lot less than on the high street.


Like these linen bedspreads from £20.90. Which means they’re both easy on the eye and there are bargains to be had…except check details…the sandstone is available at £20.90 but want the navy? and the price rises to a steep £129.

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Even so, with the range on offer they’ve got something: Classic designs with an artisan edge combined with lux textures and products you genuinely feel will age with you (..I think that’s a compliment..)

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If you need to buy for a special present/wedding/birthday they’re worth checking out.  If you need to buy for yourself…I’m jealous.


Laters, Kate x