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04-26-12 036

How so very very. ¬†Sigh. The fundamental beauty of vintage linen will always have a special place in my heart (particularly anything with a monogram)..skill, design, crisp cotton and stunning needlework all wrapped up in the bliss of sleep…


But some modern bedlinen also has a touch of magic –

and because of it’s expense, it’s something I try and buy in the sales.


One of my favourite shops is Cologne and Cotton, where all these delights came from, they produce the type of quality that make them the heritage items of the future.

PG500_2012 CIR500

(They also managed to persuade me that white is not the only colour)


However, I do have a gripe about bedlinen in general…


Why is it so user unfriendly?


Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if there was a perfect run of say, beige stitches, that marked the top of an eiderdown, duvet cover or fitted sheet? Even a style of stitches..or a ribbon?


So easy then to line up eiderdown and duvet, particularly on doubles..and imagine never having to re-do a fitted sheet again because you put it on wrong the first time?…

So simple, so never done…time for a revolution?!

Laters, Kate x