We’re experiencing fluctuating weather again: Five days of t-shirts and shoes with no socks, followed by scarves, coats and snow in the north.  It’s eclectic if nothing else.  But there’s been enough blue to herald the slowly arriving summer and firmly entrench the season as ….transitional…which if one was truly honest probably covers most of the year and highlights the fact the transitional clothes are the workhorses of a wardrobe that pull together outfits come rain or shine.


Take the humble T: a vest in winter, a garment in the summer and a layer every other time – it seriously earns it’s place for a large dollop of love.  Shame all of mine are in such a sorry state. But where to find the best?


I like that elusive fit – a low slung neckline with a bit of slub in the body – which has in previous years been notoriously hard to find.  But not now – in fact there’s a rich crop of potentials just waiting to be scooped up.  I checked out the Outnet – quality names without the same wallet squeeze – and was pleasantly surprised by the amount on offer, from this classic grey by AG Jeans..


To Splendid..(and they are)..


And more like this edible one by  T by Alexander Wang..


And Majestic..


And Helmut Lang.

I’ll have them all in grey,white and black please..

Laters, Kate x

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  1. abbiosbiston

    I am living in cardigans and Mr O’s shirts thrown over things in an attempt to make my maternity wardrobe look like it has some kind of variety.