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There’s a cultural disease that’s particularly prevalent in cities..we zone into something good and look to exploit it commercially, turning into something far removed from it’s roots, cheapened with an air of pretentiousness.  Take the rapidly breeding multitude of coffee shops springing up like weeds, churning out reproduction vintage – what once was a necessity – bought from jumble sales because the owners couldn’t afford anything else, is now a ‘look’ for which a premium can be charged. It just doesn’t smell right.

Patia Davis, potter extraordinaire and her colleagues at Wobage Farm  Craft Workshop, Ross on Wye are the polar opposite, their knowledge and understanding comes from the timeless depth of landscape which is then, like rare treasure, translated into Art; Deep, craggy, dreamy, sensuous, glorious and gutsy, the perfect marriage of beauty and practicality.


Going through the seismic shift of clearing out anything superfluous in the house (the children where lucky to survive..) I only want things that I can use and love.  How I would love to own one of Patia Davis’ bowls..particularly her slipware..there’s a richness of colour, a deftness.  The trails, featherings and brushmarks sing of skill yet freedom.

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Wobage also offers workshops and courses with a recommended range of accommodation: Come learn to pot whilst staying in an authentic Mongolian Yurt? I think that could be my idea of heaven.

Laters, Kate x


  1. Anny

    I totally agree with you. My saddest experience with this was the transformation of Banana Republic. I remember when they published the most eclectic catalog with inspirational clothing that was like none other. So sad…