So Wright..


The news around the world isn’t great at the moment.  Condensed down, the underlying message I’m hearing is that big things don’t work (Didn’t we learn anything from the Romans?).  And yet the drive to continually make everything bigger and supposedly better runs deep, because if you don’t…you’re a failure; The economy has to grow, companies have to grow..countries, even religions all want to expand till they become these slow moving bloated beasts that eat up everything in their way, with no joined up thinking except feeding this thirst for size and dominance. It’s a big day for Greece today.  I don’t know what the right answer is..I’m not sure there is one, except maybe they should never have joined the EU in the first place. But it seems to me that things are becoming more and more about power plays than people.


Thank God for the whimsy of fashion….and the joy that is Linda V. Wright, former model and fashion editor, born in Texas but oh-so far removed from a rodeo riding stetson toting stereotype.


Now living in Paris and running her own shop, Crimson Cashmere,


She’s a lesson in graceful, chic yet expressive dressing.

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Like the world’s best perfumes, she’s layered in classics all with subtle, different flavours.


(All pics from pinterest)

You want to sit down with her at a striped bistro table in a busy Parisian street and ask, is this really all possible? Can life really be this easy? This sassy?

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    When I see someone like this — I really want to try and work through my scattered grey hair, rather than coloring….but I don’t get to see myself from afar to determine how good (or bad) it looks. She does have her “sunnies” on in every photo — they hide a multitude of sins (ahem, eye wrinkles). 😉

  2. Lia in Brussels

    Power play is the very definition of politics and the international diplomacy, has always been. So, yes, business as usual with regard to Greece. But I was very much in favour of Greece joining the EU, still am. The monetary system though is a different story and this is what we should have steered clear from. Again, a power play the grave results of which we’re all paying right now with our very livelihoods. On a happier note Linda is gorgeous! Thank you for the intro xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      It’s also the short term-ism of politics that gets my goat..we’ll make a decision now and pass it 5 years down the line when the consequences will come to fruition. Bah! Thank God for escapism! xxx

  3. fabrickated

    What a beautiful lady, and to Dievca – go for it. Grey hair is wonderful as are all the natural colours. Most hair dye can look a bit flat and lifeless – natural hair has so many shades in it, and reflects the light in a more beautiful way.


    Very cool lady. A strong, great sense of style indeed & the main thing that shines through to me is self-confidence. She looks exceptionally comfortable in her own skin – I adore her look! Very inspirational -thanks Kate X