Flying fur..


It’s a sign of the times when fur both becomes common place and mixed with casual fashion..camo trousers and casual fur jacket: an unexpected marriage made in heaven, worn here by the iconic Jenna Lyons.

But I’m curious: Why the turn fur acceptance turn-around? Is it because faux fur is so good we can’t spot the difference, giving free-reign to choosing the real stuff? Or maybe all these photos are of Jenna in fake.  But I don’t think so…

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Is it that fur has moved with the political times and is now a tightly controlled industry where cruelty has been banished? Or is there a leniency to vintage fur under the heading  ‘eco-friendly’ in a wasteful planet? I just don’t know..

All I do know, is fabulous as Jenna looks, this outfit would’ve caused an outrage even ten years ago…so why not now?


Laters, Kate x


  1. vintagemunchkin

    It’s a good point. I really want a fur cape to wear, but all the ones I like on eBay (because of their vintage styling) are real fur. I don’t morally feel I can wear it.

  2. jackiemallon

    You know, I think the opposite. I think (or at least I’m more aware) that it causes outrage today. And because the quality of faux is so high, it seems even more heartless to still choose real. There are too many videos online and stories of the animal cruelty. To turn a blind eye requires much more of an effort than ever before.
    I say this because 2 years ago I had a gorgeous vintage rabbit fur, so glam and it was also the warmest garment I had ever owned . I reassured myself that because it was vintage it was allowed. Some of my students were offended, turns out my department chair did work for PETA, my husband saw a video of a dog being skinned on a fur farm and asked me How could I?…I gave it to a charity shop. Can’t really justify it since.
    Jenna looks great lounging in the chair and with the evening skirt…but she would look great in faux too. She’s got the look, hasn’t she?

  3. fabrickated

    And I take the view that fur is fabulous – warm, natural, flattering and I would wear more of it if our climate were colder. Rabbit, fox and mink are farmed for fur – and are no less or more cruely treated (in my view) that cows, goats and pigs who give us leather. I respect true vegetarians and vegans who won’t wear leather, and clearly object to protected species like tigers and oselots being killed for fur, but come on – if you wear leather shoes, coats or belts – what is wrong with rabbit or mink?