Dear Santa..


Please could I have a left-handed calligraphy pen…(and possibly the Dummies Guide to go with it) so I can finally learn to write with heart swooning swirls…I think it would improve my quality of life considerably..


(And then next year, you can ask me to write something beautiful for my very own lazer-cut bracelet from this incredible Shop..(I’m happy to give you the chance to save up to wait till then..)it’ll be worth it)


  (Although, I might have to be very fussy and ask for the gold version..I know, high-high..but gold is my colour..)


But until then..eye’d love to see these beauties in my ears stocking…


And with all things nineties being the spice of the moment, these Doc Martens would remind me of penny loafers past.. 81K+e7MwKeL._SL1500_


And to make me smile? This ipad case complete with it up and hear me roar..

P.S. I’ve been good.  (I think)


Laters, Kate x


  1. .virginia.romo.

    Oh, I am behind the perfect fountain pen too, but to draw, not to write. Just yesterday I bought the last one (not that luxurious as the one in your picture) after the pen nibs I had ordered turned out to be nothing. Good luck with your list.

  2. dievca

    Is there a lefty calligraphy pen? 😀
    Mine is a Mont Blanc – a gift for graduating from college many moon ago. Loved, used (a little), extra ink, but most importantly – NOT LOST!

  3. manchesterflickchick

    Ooh do calligraphy pens have particular handed versions? That would be a beautiful christmas present :0) Sometimes I just write because I love the swirly, loopy feel of it. Brilliant eye rings, hehee!