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Flying fur..


It’s a sign of the times when fur both becomes common place and mixed with casual fashion..camo trousers and casual fur jacket: an unexpected marriage made in heaven, worn here by the iconic Jenna Lyons.

But I’m curious: Why the turn fur acceptance turn-around? Is it because faux fur is so good we can’t spot the difference, giving free-reign to choosing the real stuff? Or maybe all these photos are of Jenna in fake.  But I don’t think so…

Solange Knowles Marries Alan Ferguson - Wedding Day

Is it that fur has moved with the political times and is now a tightly controlled industry where cruelty has been banished? Or is there a leniency to vintage fur under the heading  ‘eco-friendly’ in a wasteful planet? I just don’t know..

All I do know, is fabulous as Jenna looks, this outfit would’ve caused an outrage even ten years ago…so why not now?


Laters, Kate x