Boyfriends for Girlfriends x


A friend is looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans – I’ve lived in my vintage 501’s virtually all year and for pure value, nostalgia and style wouldn’t wear anything else..but I reckon these by MiH might just be her perfect cup of tea!


(How can a patch be so appealing?)


And the rest of their autumn/winter lookbook  isn’t bad either..

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Laters, Kate x


  1. motherhendiaries

    Love these! My hubby would have a heart attack if I showed up with a patch on my knee, though… he already despairs at the trendy denim scuff marks on a couple pair of my jeans. What can I say? We were high schoolers in the 80s when scuffs and rips only meant one thing: Loser. Hahaha! But I LOVE these jeans! And the rest of the collection… the tartan skirt is gorgeous!

  2. horusfitzfancy

    I weirdly really like that denim skirt. What is happening to me?! Great post though, the jeans are super cute!