She Did It!!!



Our lovely Claire (we’ve been following her since the start) only went and won the whole damn thing!! She entered the Worth Foundation Fund..and scooped  the £150,000 top prize to invest in Air & Grace plus the priceless prize of business mentors from the retail industry!!..I couldn’t be more proud, delighted – THRILLED! It seems like only yesterday we were having a drunken conversation at Gillian’s house where she was outlining her dreams…and she’s only gone and done it! It helps that she is highly talented, dedicated and driven..but goes to show what’s possible when you put your mind to it…congrats you star!


The plus side for me is I get to write about ‘Grace’ on Claire’s Blog…she’s our fictional, exceptionally stylish but rather kooky muse of the Brand, she tells the story of the shoes through her eyes…and I get to re-live my miss-spent youth all over again!


It’s really’s a big world out there…but anything is possible! Sigh…

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    AWESOME ! Congratulations to Claire and to you for supporting her from the start ! Can’t wait to read the tale of your miss-spent youth ! xxxxx

  2. dievca

    Ahh,Kate, that is thrilling! Please congratulate your friend! I have a feeling a pair her shoes will be showing up in my closet soon. XO