Friday Night is Quiz Night..


It all started out quite was the school quiz after all.  Our theme was the Godfather complete with horses head, grave candles, tommy guns and a priest to keep us on the straight and narrow.

IMG_0449 IMG_4884

It’s a quiz night like no other..the effort put in is extraordinary and as a result, so is the atmosphere…this year there was even the Jamaican bobsleigh team..with full sized bobsleigh…


Male member of the Geek team


I blame the Breaking Bad crew (who came with an entire smoking chemistry kit)..for trying to infiltrate our territory with their glowing vodka crystal meth jellies…

IMG_0450 IMG_4868IMG_0467

And our priest? Who we were relying on for our moral compass? She was on another planet..(icing sugar obviously has powerful qualities)..and things rapidly went down into debauchery from there…

IMG_0453 IMG_0460 IMG_0469 IMG_0475 IMG_0477 IMG_0479

One of the maddest, funniest (my throat is still sore!) – let’s face it – drunken nights I’ve had in a very, very long that will live long in what memories there are!! It begs the question..

Can parents get expelled????

Laters, still recovering, Kate x


  1. Tanya Nwosu

    Omg it was so funny!! Loved every minute of it….thanks so much girlies….stomach definitely got a work out from all the hysteria! Xxxx

  2. Laura Lynn

    Great themes there, Kate! Love the Don Corleone team! Even a horse’s head…very thorough. I noticed the hats right away being a hat person. Hopefully parents can’t be expelled but let me know if they can be…I want to try and organize something like this for my nephews school…hee hee….I, personally, can’t be expelled.