Anything Goes..


There’s no getting away from it – part of the breathless anticipation of any Fashion Week are the Street Style photos of the good, the bad and the fabulous pretending they’re unaware they’re the players in their own performance.


An unfortunate accident? Or the latest accessory?

010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_055 010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_066

Because ultimately, even with this small number of elite beings, they’ll only be a select few who can really tick the boxes and dress the way you want to feel.

010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_086 010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_080

But they still all know to carry themselves with extreme confidence, no matter what they feel like inside..and as perception becomes more important than truth it makes these some of the most interesting, schizophrenic moments to secretly observe.

010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_061 010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_050 010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_010 010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_117

We’re no longer in the land of princesses.  What we wear, even to posh events is becoming more generalised, more ‘every day’.  Which is why these flashes of inspiration are so important – they’re within our grasp.

010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_119 010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_100

But innovative and desirable is still the holy grail.


(All photos by Tommy Ton from

The pictures tell us: To change our spots, all we need to do is change our skins. Essentially, they give us hope.

Laters, Kate x


  1. vintageattitude

    Love that yellow stripe coat. Great photos. For me personally my unique style is the only drug of empowerment I need….and thankfully it’s not linked to how much it costs! Xx

  2. Fashion Mayann

    Street style pictures make me dream, sometimes even more than the runways ! I’m particularly excited as you have posted one of the 1st street style glimpses of the marvellously artistic Prada S/S 2014 pieces ! xxxxx

  3. 3freligion

    To be honest some of the street style looks are more captivating than the collections…ok?! Street style is everything honey! Great post!

  4. Jade

    I never seem to have time these days to just look around me at what people are doing and – most importantly! – wearing. Your wonderful post just reminded me how important that is to our own, individual styles. Like all the other comments said – thanks for the inspiration! Jx