Springing Ahead..


Spotted! – The first Snowdrops.

Let’s be honest, haute couture is something we observe and aspire to but more often than not it’s the High Street where we spend our money.  Thankfully in the UK the two are virtually joined at the hip, fused together in taste, habits, socks and everything else, meaning that many of the clothes available to us mere mortals are just as sleek and lush as their designer relatives.  Take these from the quintessentially British Jigsaw: Following the trends and perfect for Spring…the blue diffused silk flower top and the purple digital print floral scarf.1014005_1 7750541_1

Combined together they sing the song of bold pattern and colour clashes.  Add the precision cut Melton coat and a classic satchel..

1021799_1 5024009_1

Plus a pair of 3/4 length, loose boyfriend jeans and pair of emerald green kitten heels…


And it’s a rich thread of satisfaction…

Laters, Kate x


  1. fashionassist

    Adore those fabulous snowdrops–they bring such hope…
    hope that spring is actually coming after all **sigh**…
    and très, très adore THE {blue} Melton coat!!
    Delightful post~ xo