Lay it on the Line..


I’ve found this clothes shop on Etsy that’s the polar opposite of precision cut sophistication and I’m sharing because I can’t deny they’re calling me: That loucheness is inspired charisma and I just want to dig down deep into those fabulous pockets.


Designed by a Chinese girl, Miss Juan, the store called Morden Miss embraces everything loose and understated with a touch of bohemian chic.

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The website claims to be for larger sizes..but how effortlessly hip does it looks on these models?

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The trousers? You know your other halve will roll their eyes, but just so e.a.s.y.  and the mix and match opportunities are endless. Besides, baggy trousers will rule this summer.

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They’re the sort of clothes you want to throw on without a thought in the world and run out the door – the sort I’m always looking for..


Love the colour, the pockets…the double buttons..the length..the versatility.


The prices? Roughly between £30 – £40…plus shipping from China..and there are pages and pages of designs.


But the major pitfall of this desire is not being able to try anything on/ordering from China….the reviews are generally good – but there are a few worrying ones – would a purchase would be worth a punt? What do you think? Does it float your boat?

Would you? Could you?

Laters, Kate x


  1. Lia in Brussels

    Loooooove loose style! But order from China? I’d hesitate…. a lot. On the other hand, just about everything we own comes from China so why not order directly? xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Because it’s an Etsy shop rather than fast fashion does it make it OK to order from China..designers there have to sell their goods just like everybody else..or is this a fast fashion outlet anyway?? I just don’t know..

  2. silkpathdiary

    There must be something in the air, last week I nabbed a voluminous but fluid jersey shape I haven’t even seen or thought of for ages. It feels so good and easy on! I think these clothes look really good and feel that it’s harder to produce shapes like these that flatter than fitted clothes. I would definitely wear the grey shirt dress but I would hesitate to order from China due to the very high UK customs fees.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I’m surprised how much I’ve adapted to buying online as touching is so important. I think there’s a tipping point between buying something expensive that you know has good customer service on returns or buying cheaper and taking a risk..this would be a risk. But if it WAS a good one I would buy more…..

  3. TNFashionLove

    While I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been a fan of this particular style of trouser, I do adore the dresses! Such perfect, effortless, casual, chic for running around town on these cold, drab winter days. I’ve never had issues ordering from China, but sizes are different, so just be careful when choosing, readers. Xx

  4. jackiemallon

    I would want to know what size the model was wearing because the loucheness could be swiftly lost if you buy the wrong size. Several tricky elements to consider but the price is sooooo good, it might be worth trying it out. Report back if you do. Be the canary down the mineshaft and I will follow 🙂

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I accept my mission..I looked up the very first dress – it does give sizes..38.7 inches long and I need 42…we are just that much bigger over here..but I will look up the measurements on the trousers too..ankle cut is all the rage now – as are culottes! x

  5. pernillelunde

    Oh my!!! You are coming with some real gems these days, I thank you for that. These are clothes you can live in and still feel sophisticated and cool… Love it!!!

  6. Abbi

    I might consider the trousers but I feel like these kinds of clothes would just make a larger lady like me look huge.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I have this theory that loose is good because the eye assumes the optical illusion of smallness..think of the opposite – and size 8 girl wearing a size 0 body con dress and bulging out of it?.the eye sees strain/rolls which equals fat! But in loose clothes, the eye sees the smallest area and assumes everything else is smaller..promise! x

  7. idyllwilddesigns

    I LOVE this look! Can’t get enough of it. An online purchase like that is always a risk, but I’m a gamblin kinda girl. I would say take a chance. Find the lowest price point item that you like and hit the order button. If it meets your expectations on arrival… SCORE! If not chalk it up to a learning curve and be happy you didn’t dish out too much

  8. sarahinguangzhou

    A lot of it is very Chinese style. It’s hard to see the quality. It’s tough but some stuff is hard to sell online because of this. It’s hard but once you put the ‘made in China’ label on something it cheapens it.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      It is hard because not everything in China can be mass produced. But how to tell? I think what’s coming out is being very strict on measurements and only buy if you truly love and are prepared to take a risk.. x

  9. MELewis

    As I read this I found the old tune humming in my head: “Falling in love again….” I LOVE these loose lines! Thanks for sharing this wonderful shop.

  10. dressingfordinner

    Ooh the shirt dress and the grey tunic dress with oversized buttons both look great. I say: go for it but choose something fairly affordable to begin with, and if it goes wrong you won’t have invested too much into it. If it goes well… you can go back for more! One word of advice — I only bought clothes from China a couple of times and they were great but soon realised that when it says size L it tends to be the equivalent of a European M: in both my instances they seemed to run a little small. So I’d keep an eye out for that, unless the descriptions include measurements. Good luck! x