It’s my birthday today..

Another year extra minute on the naughty step..

96bee76479c9f0609012176c58ae2b45And it was decided that the ideal present from hubbie would be a pair of knock-out jeans..boyfriend style..but even after heading to the Denim Factory at Selfridges yesterday..I don’t seem to be able to find the perfect pair..4b08bc9e05b8f647926a1f0d86a86e75 Except perhaps in the dark recess of  my memories…these jeans were the uniform of my school years – well-worn, ripped, loose, belted, rolled legged, soft, easy, faded MENS (very important) 501 Levi’s, teamed with ballet pumps, fishnets (!), a white t-shirt and either a battered leather jacket or a blazer…

41dddbd2167a24d2032e02da313ced10 So all the jeans I tried on..the Hudson’s, the Rag and Bone’s, the Paige’s?..the truth is they were all really just trying to mimic that original, iconic, laconic style…so…why not go straight to the source..?

c600x1024The husband is taking me away for the Brighton..the beating heartland of vintage…and guess what I’ll be looking for? Wish me luck!

Laters, Kate x


  1. TNFashionLove

    Happy Birthday lady! I hope it was one fabulous weekend away. 🙂 Is there not a Levi’s store anywhere on this side of the world? I was JUST in a Levi’s outlet in Atlanta a fortnight ago. Maybe you just need a trip to the states! XOXO – K

  2. Miss Pip

    Oh I know I am late but Happy Birthday and I am glad you had a cracking weekend in Brighton. I am inspired by your Levi 501’s revival call. Loved mine as a hormonal younger…. and may have also been guilty of the fishnet faux pas!