Proud as Peacocks!!

IMG_1953The latest variation of the Bergman in our Collection…and testament to just how much we love our customer…because of the way we work, we can be flexible on the little things that really matter like hem length and even colour….just ask, and we will always do our utmost to help: The Bergman in the  colour way of the Kaftan dress?…no problem.

And doesn’t it look Dandy?

A stand out breath of fresh patterned air in a summer of simple monochrome.

Laters, Kate xxx

P.S. It’s been rather an exciting week for us (NB typical, undisputed British understatement)…if you can believe this – gulp – we still can’t…The Collection and the pair of us are heading in to see VOGUE and TATLER next week. F*** me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND we have requests of clothes for London Fashion Week!! Whoo hoooo!

It’s not so much ‘what are we going to wear?’..but SHOES what SHOES?!!!!



    • MasonBentley

      Grazia!! The nerves are already kicking in..might have to prepare the equivalent of a phd to be ready..and then pray for no tongue-tie! xxx

  1. J.M. Galvin

    Hold. The. Phone!!!! VOGUE. OMG. I’m doing the happy dance for you gorgeous lovelies. ROCK ON. and yes now get onto the shoes. xoxoxoxoxox

    • MasonBentley

      More hysterical laughter..isn’t it amazing?! It feels like the equivalent of walking onto centre court for a Wimbledon final..and on that subject – GO ANDY!! We think we know how you feel!!! xxxx

  2. Laura Lynn

    Wow! I always thought it only a matter of time, but WOW! That was fast. Bonne chance, good luck, Ádh mór, viel Glück and can’t wait to see which shoes you picked.

    • MasonBentley

      *&^%$£@!£$^*&^%%$!!!!! A huge merci my’s a very hard call for style over the probable percentage of not being able to you think they have stairs??! xxx

    • MasonBentley

      It’s simple, easy to wear, flattering on the waist but there’s still movement..and the print really does mean you stand out..a win win situation which has to be a very good thing!! xxxxx

  3. bonniemcclellan

    Whoo Hoo! (that’s typical U.S. hyper excitement). Congradulations, I can’t wait to here about how it goes :). P.S. love the dress in the peacock fabric!