The Best of British x


Andy Murray has won Wimbledon!!!! Yayyyyyyy! (Do you KNOW how many times I have suffered, truly suffered watching Wimbledon?) The Lions won their tour (Whooo hooo! Nice lead up to the World Cup lads…shame you’ll all be on different teams) and Chris Froome is wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour de France (I am a Tour nut. Sad but true. Go Sky!) What’s more the sun is finally smiling: Britain is cresting a wave..and good ol’Marks and Spencer are keen to get in on the act..Best-of-British-mands-vogue-25-5jun13-pr_b_240x360

The Marks and Spencer AW 2013-14 Best of British Line will land in selected stores in October and I for one will be watching with interest.  Like us, they want everything to be manufactured in the UK – Jumpers from Hawick in Scotland, Outerwear in Manchester, Shoes in Northampton with Goodyear welted soles..which means a higher price-point (coats £299, trousers £129, shoes £165 etc), lower margins and an emotional plate-shift away from chasing the fast fashion phenomenon of the High Street.  The big question: Will the public buy-in and buy it?


Like many Brits, I’ve always had a soft spot for M&S and have found the destruction of their chore values some what soul destroying..timeless, classic, quality was down trodden in the rampage of the decision makers seemingly more eager to get close to the flame of pile it high, sell it cheap.


But fresh from this stuttering nervous breakdown Best of British is strong and striking with distinct and praise-worthy heritage references.



I’ve missed the repression and reliance on tradition.. I want those pieces in my wardrobe..the ones that melt seamlessly in. The honest truth is, if I want stand-out, I wouldn’t look to M&S and that has always been the case.


Now they are toying with ennui and affluence.


Opulence with restraint.



It’s a marriage built on strong visual foundation and an audacious narrative: Buy less, but buy better..a Collection of integrity with a clear message that has my absolute support.

Laters, Kate xxx


  1. Lia in Brussels

    I used to rely on M&S for reasonable quality & price and was really sad to see their Brussels store sacrificed in an effort to sort out their financial troubles. That was some 10 years ago… now I hear that they plan to re-open sometime in the near(?) future, which is great news! You see, I also have a soft spot for M&S, including their yummy food floor, and I’m not even a Brit!

    • MasonBentley

      I wish they would play to their strengths more and not try to be like everyone else..if they could step back, they would see just how iconic they are and that really – we do love them! We want simplicity – tasty food, classic clothes that nobody asks where I bought them..and utterly outrageously wonderful underwear…I would buy stand-out underwear from them over anyone else.. xxxxx

    • MasonBentley

      I am a fan of the androgynous look..I will happily confess to owning 3 pairs of mens trousers I wear regularly..501 Jeans and 2 sets of slim fit chinos..prefer the cut on the hip and the longer, larger pockets! x

  2. askeyprintworkshop

    I really buy into the idea of traditional crafted apparel, being a hand silk screen printer in London seeing the rise in positive attitude towards producing apparel in the UK is a something I champion!
    It seems it is becoming fashionable to shout about your product being woven, hand printed and packaged in the UK, I hope this attitude stays for longer than a fashion season and the public buy into home grown skills, asking the questions of – is it local? wear was it made and buy who? – a bit like seeing the farmer on your minced beef packaging in the food hall!
    I love M&S, this new campaign looks amazing and is hits the traditional, classic and timeless hot spot. M&S are exactly the right company to carry on a change in thought towards clothing and manufacturing in the UK!

    • MasonBentley

      I am surprised we haven’t yet got a true ‘Made in Britain’ label..I would’ve thought it was an obvious thing for the government to get behind and encourage..maybe M&S will blaze a trail..I hope so xxx

  3. Fashion Mayann

    This is what I love British tailoring so much ! So sad that Marks and Spencer close their Marseille store (well, to be totally honest, I was only buying lemon cheesecakes there !). XXX