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Insouciance Celebrated x

m-636-1751-44432-ufiE9AsqN8nH Rosie Assoulin is the new darling on the fashion block and it’s easy to see why with her first 2014 Resort Collection. ┬áMore cunning, less solemn with a louche swagger that leaps off the page and into the first passing wardrobe..

m-636-1751-44422-bawkqw8rDUaw I could wear this, knock people’s socks off and still eat lunch. Result.


Sharp timing, yet oodles of time.

m-636-1751-44424-BiZOeU1U7LzFBlock colours with contrasting avant-garde shapes. Unconventional, succulent and impressively chic..it’s a joy to see that sexy doesn’t have to equal fitted to within an inch of respiration. ┬áCase in point..but topical..the women tennis players at Wimbledon..


Beautiful, fit girls in their prime…wearing figure hugging clothing that reflects back every lump, bump and bra-strap…loose is imagination..even slightly loose is an optical illusion in progress.

m-636-1751-44414-gyFHH8ESmEfIGive me a secret hint that impresses with personality and promise any day of the week.

Laters, Kate x