The Art of The Letter x

ImageProxy.mvcLetter by Seigmund Freud

Anna is a self-confessed font whore – in truth we initially artistically bonded over our strange designs loves like swirly handwriting and Sasha dolls.  But whilst I can appreciate the impact even a simple pen stroke can have on a page, she takes the love to a whole new level.  Which is how we discovered Harald…

We first saw him on ‘Kickstarter’ (If you can watch the film, it’s delicious) – Do you know Kickstarter? It’s effectively a crowdfunding platform that gives creative projects the chance of financial support without the need to give away their equity.  instead, project creators offer their backers ‘rewards’ to thank them for their’s seriously worth checking out..sometimes I’ll just go there to see what whacky creative concept has grabbed the collective imagination..the whole thing is an idea with wings and has breathed new life into the world of struggling creatives..and I adore the huge variety of projects it attracts….’Slime moulds, An Illustrated Guide’ anyone?

fecbc9240c237d932fd55f170b9ce818_largeor how about ‘Paper Shoes’?

a76d779b88e9a9a7ec9e7d6af757c6a6_large or a self-watering kitchen garden?

8437000eadf0d1bad3bbb385fd0ead8d_large..they all sound completely whacko, but I can assure you, these projects are done with the upmost integrity and skill with the majority having true visionaries at their heart.

So Anna puts ‘fonts’ into the search option…and we are hooked.

Harold Geisler wanted to create a font based on the beautiful and unique handwriting of Sigmund Freud:


We became backers and in return for a small amount ($10) we will get the font on completion (imagine on the blog!) and receive regular updates on his progress.  We also couldn’t resist going to his website and ordering his Conspired Lovers font as well. A pure extravagance.

1ae7cbe1263ff0798feef1ca85014a Conspired-Lovers-Words-by-Harald-Geisler But when someone is a Master of their feel it, see it, want it.

And what better thing to do than be able to support it?

safe_image.phpLaters, Kate xxx


    • MasonBentley

      It’s interesting – my daughter has been taught cursive hand writing since reception (age 4-5) and now age 6 writes everything joined up as the school believes it creates a better flow with understanding the shapes and order of letters in words. I am curious to see whether she will have beautiful handwriting..hasn’t happened yet! But beautiful handwriting is a joy to see and it’s still a joy to receive a note written by fountain pen on thick paper.. xxx

    • MasonBentley

      We’ve become too generalised in life..everything the same..we need personality brought back big time..and what better way than with gorgeous handwriting? xxx

  1. purplepincushion

    Totally awesome! When I was a kid I used to pull out the encyclopedia and copy some of the beautiful fonts they had listed (back in the days before google, lol!). I would spend hours trying to get the loops and curls to look just right. Television deprivation, the things it lead to. 🙂

  2. Laura Lynn

    wow! Love handwriting and this one is a beauty. Mine is ridiculously neat and legible. I’ve been ‘spoken’ to by my bank clerk about my signature-too too readable (and copyable) but Sister Margaret from the Immaculate Slaves of Mary etc etc is still standing behind me…she’s there…isn’t she?

    • MasonBentley

      Why does it not surprise me that you are a convent girl?! Was the place left standing?? And then ship that signature over here so I can inspect it..with a magnifying glass!
      PS I seriously think you should look at Kickstarter for funding your book…….. xxxxx

  3. fashionassist

    Wow, this is absolutely fantastic; Harold Geisler is a genius…
    beautiful penmanship evokes such style + imagine being able to write in style via your computer…
    this is true art–one that most of us thought was lost, swallowed up by technology…
    but how wonderful to see that it’s not…
    thank you, thank you for this very inspiring + informative post~

    • MasonBentley

      Sigh. He is..he makes it look effortless which is always a sign. I really can’t wait to see the finished product..and get some up on the Blog! xxx

  4. J.M. Galvin

    Haha. Love it. I wish I could be a fly on the wall while you ladies do your thang. It would be fascinating. I wonder if he’ll do a Jungian font? ha. xo

    • MasonBentley

      You should see the tangents we managed to fly off on! I think the time constraints children is the only thing that manages to keep us on the straight and narrow..(but – she whispers…it’s a joy!) xxx