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Deep Within x

453a1e239236920b79880dc4f0f78ae2_largeI had to post this.  Another illustration (I know. Couldn’t resist) of just what gems Kickstarter has to offer, but more – the chance to be part of a little bit of Art History.  Below are pictures from the life works of Howard Tangye, Senior Lecturer and Head of Womenswear Design at Central Saint Martins and teacher to the likes of Stella McCartney and Christopher Kane among many others.

Two of his former pupils who now run the Design Studio, Stinsenssqueeze are collaborating with Tangye to publish a book of his unseen works called ‘Within’ for the first time ever.  Why Kickstarter? Because they are not a publishing house and want the money to self-pubish. Why self-publish? Because they believe that this will produce a better quality result with control, heart and integrity…I am seduced.


Whilst outwardly his professional emphasis has been on his fashion teaching, behind the scenes Tangye has been prolifically working on his own style of illustration capturing the clothes and his sitters in a unique and evocative way…It’s the confident, curling lines..the colours, the freedom..the skill.

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The blue against the beige with the highlights in white..

4bfd00fbd180bd7aee98f26d35d2ba4f_large ca4056768be6f0df801756b8c33fb74d_large 2fcb560d9ac7c25f3eef8ff829213b8b_large 27c5a57793f3c4dd591aad02f46fe6a2_large That pink. Sigh. Against the orange. Sublime.


The blue with the ochre.

660a21fa9fd0a4b781345a5574a87b43_large 083cca86d4c77db1961bf772c727f34e_largeThe attention to detail: The colour of the page, chosen to perfection. I die.

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They’ve even specifically designed the typeface. Such taste and dedication.

I am in heaven.  So much so, I am now a backer  – and I will confess –  there were literal tears of joy in my eyes to be able to do so…So for £80 (as long as the target is hit other wise this project fails, which would be a tragedy) I will get a signed copy of the book book plus a ticket to a special lecture in September…who knows, maybe I’ll wear a little MasonBentley number..until then, my cup filleth over..

Laters, Kate xxx

The Art of The Letter x

ImageProxy.mvcLetter by Seigmund Freud

Anna is a self-confessed font whore – in truth we initially artistically bonded over our strange designs loves like swirly handwriting and Sasha dolls.  But whilst I can appreciate the impact even a simple pen stroke can have on a page, she takes the love to a whole new level.  Which is how we discovered Harald…

We first saw him on ‘Kickstarter’ (If you can watch the film, it’s delicious) – Do you know Kickstarter? It’s effectively a crowdfunding platform that gives creative projects the chance of financial support without the need to give away their equity.  instead, project creators offer their backers ‘rewards’ to thank them for their support..it’s seriously worth checking out..sometimes I’ll just go there to see what whacky creative concept has grabbed the collective imagination..the whole thing is an idea with wings and has breathed new life into the world of struggling creatives..and I adore the huge variety of projects it attracts….’Slime moulds, An Illustrated Guide’ anyone?

fecbc9240c237d932fd55f170b9ce818_largeor how about ‘Paper Shoes’?

a76d779b88e9a9a7ec9e7d6af757c6a6_large or a self-watering kitchen garden?

8437000eadf0d1bad3bbb385fd0ead8d_large..they all sound completely whacko, but I can assure you, these projects are done with the upmost integrity and skill with the majority having true visionaries at their heart.

So Anna puts ‘fonts’ into the search option…and we are hooked.

Harold Geisler wanted to create a font based on the beautiful and unique handwriting of Sigmund Freud:


We became backers and in return for a small amount ($10) we will get the font on completion (imagine on the blog!) and receive regular updates on his progress.  We also couldn’t resist going to his website and ordering his Conspired Lovers font as well. A pure extravagance.

1ae7cbe1263ff0798feef1ca85014a Conspired-Lovers-Words-by-Harald-Geisler But when someone is a Master of their craft..you feel it, see it, want it.

And what better thing to do than be able to support it?

safe_image.phpLaters, Kate xxx