The Art of a fine print..

I don’t know about everybody else but it has been a steep learning curve for me getting to grips with all things IT..setting up websites, tarting up pictures – many has been the time when I have had the computer open in front of me with my Ipad balanced precariously on a knee trying to copy the instructions from one to the other…and then there’s all the different bits of social media that are meant to be linked in..and I’ve some how done all that…but it doesn’t mean I’m an expert in any of them, in fact it has taken me a while to work out exactly what each one represents.

The one I have got to grips with (slowly – it all takes such time!) is Pinterest.. but I love jumping in and flicking through the images..from crafts to interiors to shoes to clothes. It’s like having the best thought triggers possible at my fingers.  We’ve started a few boards and at the start, I didn’t know what they would really be, but now I see they’re an online scrapbook…for us, Pinterest shows the source of all our inspiration…

The following pictures are in our ‘print’ board..I was interested to pull some visual references together as a designer who has designed prints for Givenchy (!) has said they are keen to design some prints for us…I feel a frisson..


1960s Lanvin dress.


Late 1970s Leonard Silk jersey dress.


1970s Pauline Trigere 3 piece set.b8080089e91e762e214660a039fe621a

1980s silk chiffon James Galanos Gown.


1960s Donald brooks cord and net dress.


1971 Malcolm Star Caspian Silk Dress.


1950s Jaques Tiffeau silk dress.


1970s Domitvalli caftan.


1970s Hand painted silk skirt and shawl.


1960s Emilio Pucci caped top and trousers.


Pastel print Malcolm Star maxi dress.

318bf6f16dde3262520a031efd6b42ad 1960s gold brocade evening maxi coat.


1940s Claudia Young silk Dragon dress.


1970s Mac Tac jersey print dress.


1970s coral and turquoise Maurice jersey dress.

41f7e3c3a8d5e36940908f5b9f9eda85 1970s Leonard silk jersey dress.


1970s metallic silk Geoffrey Beene skirt and top.


1960s silk metallic Mollie Parnis gown.

bc1bb11ba9f46ff6c8dc2e0e13d1a87e 1960s Bessi silk flowers and grape dress.


1960’s silk chiffon Pucci skirt and top.

(all pictures courtesy of which would be my first port of call if I ever won the lottery)

Now if I could just work out how Twitter works…

Laters, Kate x


  1. hattitude2013

    Ps…twitter is very easy…I can do it…got about 40 like minded followers in 3 or 4 weeks. See you there @parkersthumb……( don’t ask)!!!

  2. itwasjudith

    amazing outfits and patterns… they still could be worn nowadays, even if some were made long time ago, which testifies of their timeless style and quality. Looking forward to see the product of the possible cooperation you mention 🙂 good job!

    • MasonBentley

      Thank you! I read it..and it did make more sense..I have a horrible feeling it’s like everything – trial and error – and you have to throw yourself in. At the moment, for me (until I read article to be honest) it’s been a bit like lots of people all talking at once! I keep hearing that there are conversations going on..but how?! I am already learning..and today found buttons I had never seen before! xxx

      • itwasjudith

        no worries, had the same feeling when i first tried it… no idea what an hashtag was etc etc… eventually I got my a/c up and used for a while, but not at the moment… too many things & social media, I like to be “disconnected” now and again 🙂

  3. Sonia

    My most fav is 1950 Jaques Tiffeau silk dress and following closely is the 1940 Claudia Young Silk Dragon dress. Boy, was I ever born in the wrong era.

  4. carol Dale

    Have to reply in a few words on the above blog, I’d consider myself to be fairly ( I say it loosly) quick at picking up beginners IT (the catagory I fit in to really) was’nt the huge success I thought it would be,but I am going back some years ago. However as we plod on to 2013 having done various IT things, nothing major but more than a lot of people I know.I just have to say your right the learning curve within IT I have found so difficult I have a set plan to take my blog forward and I spend more time sorting what seem to me to be simple actions and find I’m banging my head on any hard surface available. I’m glad to hear that yet somebody else has the same trouble as I do. Not on a personal level you understand, but we’ll get there in the end So those are my “few” words. Good luck to you

    • MasonBentley

      I think I have banged every bit of my body available as I translate what I think should be English into computer actions..I swear when I am tired I radiate some sort of electro magnetic field that warps code as all sorts of horrible things start to happen…or there’s a gremlin in my computer..or I am just cr@p! It’s good to know I’m not alone!

    • MasonBentley

      I suspect it will be a lot simpler than these..but always best to start with the cream..and sometimes simplicity is the best..maybe a modern day take on Escher patterns…yum!

  5. fashionassist

    So many fabulous prints + patterns…
    lol, agree Pinterest can over-stimulate at times…
    but such a wealth of inspiration at a ‘click’…
    j’adore the 1960’s Lanvin dress~