The Fableists x


(Bella wearing Baseball shirt £20)

The driving force behind The Fableist’s children’s label has nothing to do with fashion, it has nothing to do with faddy designs or even seasonal clothes.  The name comes from the amalgamation of two words – ‘fables’ – for the telling of stories and most importantly, where each piece of clothing comes from, and ‘activist’ – what it’s going to take to change this industry around.   The simple focus of the brand is the wish to do the best for our children and that this should never involve child labour or harmful chemicals.


(Charlie wearing Recycle tee £16)

But that doesn’t mean the fashion doesn’t exist..


Look through the Collection and you’ll find their Chore coat..utilitarian to a seam – can be worn by either boys or girls..timeless, versatile and a wardrobe staple winter or summer.


(Bella wearing Charlie’s Breton tee! £20)

Or their Smock Dress? A tom-boys delight..a dress that isn’t girly based on a vintage dress found in a Parisienne flea market.  How perfect?


(Charlie wearing Brain tee £16)

Every element has been thought of and thought through, from the biodegradable PVC packaging to passports and labels made from re-cycled paper and rhino poo.  Certainly had my scamps laughing!
IMG_0627 IMG_0620

At the heart of so much fashion today is a grotty portrait of a dusty, broken world where profit comes before anything else.


What a joy then to discover a Company that is prepared to buck the trend.

IMG_0617 IMG_0619

The Fableists are chicken soup for children clothes – rich, deep and soulful.  They recognise that our future is the little people..and their future needs a planet.

Cool clothes and a good heart?

It’s a rare combination that deserves our support.

Laters, Kate x


  1. holzfeder

    Beautiful clothes, beautiful photos and very beautiful and joyful children. Congratulations to their mom!

  2. Fashion Mayann

    Your stunning photographs (bravo !) truly pay justice to this greatly ethic brand ! The picture of Bella with the doll is a true photographic masterpiece : the Fableists should use your fantastic images, and thoughtful text, for their lookbook ! xxxxx

  3. TheFableists

    Reblogged this on TheFableists and commented:
    A fabulous Fableist-y post from our friends at Maison Bentley Style today. Terrific photos of kids being kids in our clothes – just what we like to see!

  4. mrsjamesbarry

    Gorgeous stuff and beautifully photographed. Thanks for introducing me to the fableists, the smock dress will be my summer girl staple and the pirate t-shirt is a must have for the boys. X

    • Maison Bentley Style

      The brand is brilliant…it’s what we all need to do less but buy better..with these kids clothes you know you can pass them down and they’ll last – even get better with age xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Honestly..Charlie laps it all up..Bella has always been a very reluctant model. That session was different though..she really got into it..I think balancing on a pole in the middle of a field made a big difference!! xxx

  5. Anonymous

    Love The Fableists. Their clothes are so in tune with trends, and the fact they are ethical just adds such much value. Pictures are great!