Legends of the Fall x

$(KGrHqRHJFEFENDy8O5cBRGuzYFMkw~~60_12Vintage Navajo Blanket Coat

Still loving these coats so it feels apt to post about them again… x

I’ve always found it a little bit distressing that just as the summer hits a decent stride thoughts start turning to autumn (mine included).  For us in Northern Europe there’s a gradual accumulation of layers and making sure shoes don’t leak (hashtag cold feet)..140

So how do you choose your Fall wardrobe? Worn on a piece of chewed up paper? Filling in the gaps of what has died? Or do you have a carefully sifted gallery of designer offerings from which to hitch your aspirations to?

For me it’s a sifting of the mental margin notes of anything that has fluttered my heart during the year and then trying to find them or their equivalents…and the pictures of snowy NY Fashion Week still play in my mind.  I loved the blankets worn as scarves, the capes over coats but belted at the waist..everything felt warm, practical but with an unexpected added artisanal chic.

Which triggered, I suspect a sense of strong desire when I first found all these pictures of vintage Navajo blanket coats on Ebay last February? Anyway..some time ago and I fell in lust…


Classic with a kick.

$T2eC16ZHJFoE9nh6pN!fBRLCLvBH2!~~60_57 A foxtrot at a bohemian campfire.

$T2eC16RHJGoE9nuQfSSmBRLCLki4ig~~60_57But maybe there’s not the same appeal for blanket coats across the pond? Maybe they’re a little bit passe…I just don’t know…maybe for you it’s the equivalent of Laura Ashley and bad tweed for us??

DSC02125_zpsfd630323 But I had to get me a piece..and this one is MINE!

DSC02126_zpsde1a1ba2I’m very ready to make a winter statement..coats are very special…but how many can you actually ride into the sunset?

Laters, Kate x


  1. chloescravings

    I am actually obsessed with the first one- it actually makes me emotional. The colors are incredible! Great post!

    Always love finding other fellow fashion bloggers! Doing a giveaway right now, so feel free to enter to win 🙂

    Fashion Instagram: chloescravings
    Popsugar Select blog. Chloe’s Cravings

    • MasonBentley

      I have the same reaction to these coats – just gets me in the throat. I’ve now learnt that the good ones – and this first one is a delight – are incredibly hard to find..this one actually sold for over nine hundred dollars on Ebay! Look forward to checking out your giveaway! xxx

      • chloescravings

        Are you serious!? Wow that’s almost sickening. But hey it looks worth it for harsh winters, looks like a warm fashionable blanket!:) yes check it out! Xoxo

      • MasonBentley

        There are cheaper ones..but you have to really look – it’s the long ones that are rare..mine although long was much less. I just love the colours n texture.. xxx

      • MasonBentley

        Ho ho! Great minds..I did have a look at the cost of native american blankets, and they are pretty pricey (in fact, I was given one as a wedding present..could I??!)…but I’ve also got some pics of a tartan blanket put to similar use..xxx

      • itwasjudith

        yes, i think i’ve seen also something vaguely similar (but without sleeves, so more a throw over with a belt) in a knitted tartan….
        well, if the wedding pressie doesn’t get used much, maybe one could consider a restyling… if wanted 🙂
        xx have a great week

      • MasonBentley

        This one is a proper blanket and incorporates the fringe edging..will post pictures as have another style of blanket coat as well..also delicious xxxx

  2. TNFashionLove

    Oh my gosh. These are AMAZING! I am not one who could style this easily, but your post (coupled with the pending Irish autumn) makes me want to try! I just love when your posts land in my inbox 🙂 Xx – K

    • MasonBentley

      YOU are LOVELY! They just make my heart sing. I’ve always had a thing about coats..more than shoes even, because when you’re out and about they are the outfit..only hat, boots, scarf and gloves required! xxxx

  3. Fashion Mayann

    Your coat would look incredible on any London Fashion Week’s streetstyle picture ! It’s amazing to know that you’ll wrap yourself in this comfy coat and face the madness that is winter in GB !!! XXX

  4. ReneeWritesNow!

    When I lived in Michigan, I was depressed at the selection of winter coats: black, navy blue or forest green were the only colors available in local retail stores. Blah!
    Winter weather is bleak enough – we ought to wear colorful coats!

    • MasonBentley

      So these aren’t popular in the States? The truth be told, we don’t all walk around in tartan…it’s funny, when we lived in italy it was imperative to wear long, black puffa coats.. xxx

  5. evelenmargaret

    They look great indeed.
    For me though I think they wouldn’t work as I am a short person , unfortunately.

  6. Laura Lynn

    Beautiful! Never passé! I was thinking of Pendleton blankets. Not vintage, but very warm and beautiful. Mom and Liza sew…hmmmm….in Canada the Hudson’s Bay blanket coat has been a wardrobe staple for more than a century. Never had the good fortune to own one. Warm, water repellent, light, bright and classic. Love them.
    I think if I had an actual Native American blanket I wouldn’t ever cut it up for anything. I have one hanging on my wall as we speak. It’s my ‘headboard’ for my bed. Sweet dreams indeed.

    • MasonBentley

      Those blankets are just incredible. Sigh. Hudson Bay and pendleton are next on the post hit list..I just love them. Goes to show what a creative mind can do when presented with the bare essentials…beautiful, practical and desirable. xxxxx

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  8. dievca

    I think if you wore this in the American Southwest — people might think you are trying too hard. On the East Coast — it can be a statement piece. If you feel good in London – WEAR IT! XO