Thing of Beauty 2

Baby it’s cold outside – but there’s always a little bit of summer in my house…

IMG_1561This is the statement light in our hallway which also creates the most amazing natural wallpaper..


Now for the truly amazing bit…I made it myself. Blush…well, not entirely myself…it started life as this :


The Makros pendant from Ikea…which I love, but then everyone knows it’s from Ikea..and it was screaming out for a tweak…and to be honest, I have a fascination for silk flowers..

IMG_1573Which actually start life as these:

IMG_1574Those terrible plastic imitation wannabees you walk straight past in the pound shop…

IMG_1575But pull them to bits and the magic happens…ta-daa!

IMG_1576(Little tip: Exceptionally useful and essential arsenal  when wrapping presents…dip them in glitter for a Christmas variation..)

IMG_1572The middle bit of the flowers on the light? Those glass beads that come in plastic string bags and catch your eye in a devious way because you strangely want to like them but you know they have absolutely no use unless you want them as algae gatherers in a large vase….until now.


The glass beads and flower petals were stuck onto the saucer shape at the end of the long prongs with a HOT glue gun (as supposed to a cold one with is less powerful) – I left some of the prongs with just beads to increase the light and add variety.  I also used a selection of flower types as I was in an experimental mood and thoughts of summer meadow fields were running rampant..but the choices are really endless..single colour flowers, single colour beads, single colour with multiple varieties…your imagination is your limit…IMG_1555

And now their moment to shine comes every time I turn on the light!

Laters, Kate x


    • MasonBentley

      The wallpaper effect was an unexpected joy..I am thinking variations could be made…table lamps in a girls room with silk flowers on the shade…really rather lovely! xxxxx

  1. hattitude2013

    I love the fact that you, like me, buy things in the pound shop and get creative with them. This is stunning and its down to your creativity and not about how much money it cost you. A kindred spirit I feel!

    • MasonBentley

      It’s that inner spirit…you can ‘buy’ fashion – and don’t get me wrong, I love and admire high-design and impeccable cuts – but taste and style?…. I think there is an element of having the confidence to just ‘do it’ and ‘wear it’ as well, without relying ‘it cost a fortune so it must be good’…and also I get a huge joy from seeing potential and creating something…money just can’t buy that – it is one of the great buzzes of life! xxxxx