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Up lift..


This is one to add to the thought book….remember this post regarding upcycled Ikea furniture? Well, the Swedish company Bemz has taken that concept, combined it with soft furnishings and sprinted with it round the proverbial fabric park.


Now your basic Ikea sofa, arm chair, dining chair can have it’s very own facelift in a huge variety of colours, fabrics and textures…including the trend of the hour..velvet.


Eco friendly and kind on the pocket? It’s a modern day romance made in heaven.

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It’s just up to you to marry them together.

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(All pictures Pinterest)

(And did you notice the feet?? More on that tomorrow..)

Laters, Kate x

Frankly it’s fringe..


Some would say it’s an affliction, others a disease…all I know is I’m in love with everything fringe.

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Particularly the type you find at the bottom of an inviting sofa: There’s an echo of the past, a touch of glamour..a sense of time standing still. A cat at play..

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(All pictures from Pinterest)


The painting in the sitting room is finished.  All it needs now are a few finishing touches. Where’s my needle..

Laters, Kate x



So the sissal carpet was successfully laid in the cellar, meaning the big rug currently residing in our bedroom and all the furniture scattered around the house could go down.  Except I couldn’t do the manual work by myself which meant waiting till late last night when the husband got in (poor husband)..and the big rug had 6 months of builders dust ingrained into it (attractive)(it was sitting on the floorboards where the wall was taken down)…so the only sensible option was to man-handle it down to the kitchen, move everything out of the way there and steam clean it..


Then it went down into the cellar…I love big rugs..but they are buggers to manoeuvre..


Next the sofas were dismantled.


And reassembled..with new covers.


Which was great..


Except my house now looked like a bomb had hit it.


(Molly saying piss off and let me sleep)

IMG_8711 IMG_8715

(Even our bedroom at midnight last night looked like a scrap yard)

Tomorrow is Charlie’s seventh birthday and I’m hosting 13 children for a Harry Potter party.  Why??

Laters, Kate x