Fur coat..


There comes a point in every house renovation when Ikea becomes a must not a want.  It’s that line in the concrete dust between Pinterest dreams and harsh reality.  Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with Ikea – a huge percentage of what they do verges on the genius.  It’s just that, chances are, everything you like will be replicated a hundred times over in millions of homes around the globe, even in your next door neighbours, which as an individual, never sits comfortably.  But that’s where Ikea hacks kick in – the idea of taking the basic Ikea form and transforming it into something with Icarus-like wings.  A concept the company Superfront has taken a whole leap further..


They design and manufacture fronts, handles, legs, sides and tops that fit Ikea’s most common cabinets.


And they do it with style and panache.


What’s not to love?


Except there’s a mental leap to get over..you’re buying Ikea because it’s cheap..and then you’re going to spend lots of money on it to make it special? Why not cut the middle man out and buy something expensive in the first place?


Or let these designs stand on their own two feet and cut out the Ikea bit? Except then they’d be unhitching from the global gravy train…


Hey ho. At least what they do opens up the opportunity to follow suit and nick pay homage to all their ideas too..and so the dog eat dog world of design continues…

Laters, Kate x