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We embraced the chaos of Halloween last night..so much so I have very few pictures, hence this is a montage produced from various sources with thanks to all who had their fingers – severed or otherwise – on the button!

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Until next year!

Laters, Kate x

The Quiz..


Our school quiz is a major fixture in the yearly calendar – it’s a good life in a bonker’s world, where winning the costume prize is the greatest accolade: It’s go large or go home…


So amongst the paint pots and drill bits the costumes were all handcrafted with love and terror and pinned, primed and pimped for the big night.

IMG_8259 IMG_8254

This year our theme was horror and freaks (who needs costumes some would say?)..


I was a killer-mer-maggot…carried by a zombie


Su was Freak girl carried by a scary friend..


The Husband was a head..being eaten by Hannibal Lecter..


We had Sweeney Todd complete with pies (how often as he been photo-bombed by Donald Trump?)

IMG_1401 IMG_1439

And we had a vampire baby with a taste for the heavy stuff..

IMG_8324 IMG_8285

I didn’t get a good pic of Sandeep – he was the body in the bodysnatcher’s sack..


And this is my best one of Steff..

IMG_8330 IMG_1423

It was interesting dealing with such characters..Hannibal was permanently hungry..

IMG_1425 IMG_8307

Death was having a love-in with David..


Even though David kept telling him to f-off…

IMG_8326 IMG_8328 IMG_1458 IMG_1468

And guess what..we won!!!

It was a huge hurrah for the mad and happily twisted..

Laters, Kate x


FullSizeRender (1)

I did my bit for Halloween this year, complete with extra eyeballs and hairy, eyelash lips..


The house is still a building site..which could’ve made the ideal location for a spooky party, except the potential scenarios for genuine disaster and really putting the hell in halloween..so we all dressed up, my niece included and relied on others to provide the fun..

IMG_7529 IMG_7530

Although we did make some eyeball ice cubes..grapes with blueberries and a bit of raisen.


Or the savoury option..radish and olive.


Is it OK to say the kids looked lovely??!

IMG_7538 IMG_7549 IMG_7553 IMG_7554IMG_7526

Friend Jenny’s fab pumpkin..

IMG_7558 IMG_7561 IMG_7562

It’s an evening the kids love..maybe because it rebels against every parental rule in the book..


Laters, Kate x



If you ask my kids what celebration most floats their boats they won’t say birthdays or Christmas..It’s Halloween every time…and I’m not sure it’s just about the unlimited supply of sugar.  For them it’s the drama of being out in the dark with their friends, dressed as something totally alien, doing something that would be utterly forbidden in normal life.  This year Bella went as a wolf..who might have a few cat tendencies..we got a bit confused..


Charlie was Batman!



This year we went to a friends for a party..first time I haven’t decorated our house in years..


Ready for the off, treacle treating bags at the ready..


It’s not America..but people and their houses do embrace Halloween in SW London..there were some impressive sights..


We all thought this was a statue standing next to Robin Williams grave….until he went Boo!


Loved these pumpkins with their noses!


Returning home..a scariest costume of all..a vision of the teenager-to-be…



Laters, kate x