If you ask my kids what celebration most floats their boats they won’t say birthdays or Christmas..It’s Halloween every time…and I’m not sure it’s just about the unlimited supply of sugar.  For them it’s the drama of being out in the dark with their friends, dressed as something totally alien, doing something that would be utterly forbidden in normal life.  This year Bella went as a wolf..who might have a few cat tendencies..we got a bit confused..


Charlie was Batman!



This year we went to a friends for a party..first time I haven’t decorated our house in years..


Ready for the off, treacle treating bags at the ready..


It’s not America..but people and their houses do embrace Halloween in SW London..there were some impressive sights..


We all thought this was a statue standing next to Robin Williams grave….until he went Boo!


Loved these pumpkins with their noses!


Returning home..a scariest costume of all..a vision of the teenager-to-be…



Laters, kate x


  1. theblackberryboys

    Bella and Charlie look amazing. Wow a Halloween party! The food looks interesting 🙂 I would love it. We don’t have Halloween in Hungary, but when I was a kid and I lived in USA, I liked this celebration. The weather is so good you can wear shorts?

  2. ghetran

    haha! So cool!;-) we have some American friends in Oslo and get to celebrate Halloween we them once in a while. This year I was Morticia and Sammy and my husband were Dexter. 😉

  3. fabrickated

    I sort of object to the Americanisation, and commercialisation of Halloween, but these photographs express the joy and fun of a home-made event. And I think it is important for children to be allowed to express their darker side and enjoy being a little bit scared from time to time. Thank you for shifting my opinion.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I know where you’re coming from..initially I was opposed..but it’s very seductive, creative and fun! And I agree..that dark side is important! Joking aside – it’s nice to be able to put it into a context. I really like the Mexican attitude – their day of the dead – when they use the day to celebrate all those family members no longer with us..I may just adopt that.. xxx

  4. jenniferhowze156

    Great pictures, Kate. I thought the costumes that all the kids were wearing this year were a cut above.