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Layabout x


I’ve been exploring garden living, the sort that is lush, soft and forgiving, but then also thinking beyond just summer use to multi-functional, multi-family use…



What’s interesting is the prices – we’re talking generally from £500 upwards..the same price as armchairs with the wooden structure inside.


The set above? £1499 from Maison Du Mode.  I’ve seen the Sewing Bee…this is not hard sewing.



So I’m thinking maybe I’ll make my own.  And combine the best of what I see.



I love this design, lay it out and it’s a large, lounging cushion, close the leather straps and it’s a chair.



Imagine in ticking…


(All pics Pinterest)

Or a striking Peruvian weave….

And repurposed in the Children’s rooms during the winter months….

Food for thought.


Laters, Kate x

Midsummer x


Midsummer’s day on Friday and the weather finely got the message, though looking out of the window now, the air is thick enough to slice and grey storm clouds are gathering.  Which probably explains the English fascination with tents and gazebos: a place to escape from life and rain, somewhere full of hope and nostalgia that remains a little bit of summer no matter what.

(All pics Pinterest)


These are all from the Raj Tent Club – the creme de la creme of canopies, but I’ve always had the urge to create my own…


Laters, Kate x

Banjooli x


There are three things that caught my roving eye with this remarkable collection of garden furniture designed by Sebastian Herkner for Moroso..


1. They’re brilliantly inspired by the mating dance of male ostriches – (or ‘banjooli’ in Wolof tongue) – who stretch out their wings to show off to the ladies.

2. They’re produced by African craft weavers using fishing net yarn.

3. They make me smile.16916cadac51aa0b7ddafc1815be5d69 802c863a630d64f6a4b4b58a374b8cd3 47365127acae1ed3c1fa6c0626a293f9 e112e9c0eb71e021b99a58a6aff8b154


Herkner says, they may be based on birds, but they are human in their perfections and flaws.  Mi piace.

Laters, Kate x